T.R. Knight Reflects on Following His Own Path

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What a difference a year makes: T.R. Knight says his life has been better since he publicly came out of the closet amid on-set controversy last October.

"I feel I've learned so much this past year, so, I'm grateful for that, so yeah, that changes you," he said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday.

Asked what he thinks about actors who do not come out of the closet, T.R. Knight said, "Everyone has their own path. You have to respect that... I don't think it's right to force it. It's impossible to know. There's a lot of soul searching you have to do."

Knight, who plays Dr. George O'Malley on the hit ABC drama, which returns with its fourth season premiere, "A Change is Gonna Come" tonight, got a nomination for a best supporting actor Emmy for his work in Season 3.

Just as importantly, though, he received a special birthday gift.

Co-star Katherine Heigl - who is also a close friend off-camera - surprised Knight with a puppy, which he named Arrow, on his 34th birthday.

"I had been talking about [getting a dog] for quite a while. I guess there's a point ... too much talk and not enough action," Knight said. "So Katherine made the decision. It was great, yeah. She showed up at my house with it."

Knight in Shining Armor

Although he is happier with himself since he made his announcement, T.R. Knight says that coming out hasn't much affected his love life.

"Recently Kate [Heigl] and her fiancé, Josh Kelley, and me and her mom went out to dinner, and it was reported that it was with me and my new boyfriend. But that was her mom," Knight joked. "So I guess I'm dating Katherine's mom now."

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As a openly gay man, I couldn't agree with you more about coming out and how it is sometimes so hard to struggle with. But, as I found, one you do it there is some feeling of deliverence to your soul and mindset. I just wondered how that the easy part being out may have felt as if the wieght of the Earth is FINALLY off our shoulders. Additionally, in retrospect nothing around us seems to have changed. Kind of like how your dating life hasn't changed since you came out. Kinda wierd, huh. I am glad to see that once the strikle is over ( I agree with the writers and applaud your support. The reasons for the strike are exactly what unions are for. Atlease that's the way I see it. Well, as one gay man to another, now that we're two gay men out of the closet, we could band together and show the "still in the closet guys that they would be welcome to our kindred spriitmakes all of us considered brother's in arms. And maybe, I can't believe that I'm saying this, but we could then know how to save a life. That reference was not intentional, but dammit it fit didn't it? OK, on the chance that this may actually get to you through the "filters", how's lunch sound? I do want to see that this Grey's Atanomy doesn't turn into ER, hell, even Scrubs. (atleast they knew when to call it quits!!!) No, I see a carreer for you in acting both on and off screen. Had this been 15 years ago (I'd have been 21) I had a relative who only produced once show, AND we both probably watched it--- ALICE, you know "Mel, kiss my grits!" In Kansas City, we have a drag queen who moves from bar to bar (because people get sick of her, despite talent, it's egotistic, arrogant and in my mind just plain stupid) oh well, every dog has it's day. )No I didn't plan that one either. I have a good feeling from watching you play charcter role, and T. R., if your agent can't do it right for you, I may have a few relatives unknown to me. I'd see what I could do for you. Why? As I said above, we are brother's in arms who agonized for a very long time on whether or not to come out, the fear and dread, and then the retrospect hits you, and it seems as natual as taking a breath. We gotta survive, and that means be who we are inside and out. When the mind suffers, the body cries out. (yes a movie reference- this one planned) That statement is true. I would like to mention one last thing, what you are acclaimed to do at Gay Pride was wonderful, ballsy and humaniaed it for sooooo many people. I say acclaimed because, you were not using your celebrity for personal gain, and maybe unknmowingly, some one to have the courage to do what both you and I have done. The lunch is valid for ever, and I would like to meet you to see really are. I can guess, but there is nothing like meeting someone and getting to know them as friends.
OK, sir, I'll let my hands rest from all the typing, and wish you Happy Holidays and a prosperous new year! Take care!


ITA with you Esther. They're all playing smug and innocent now. The fact that no one has denied what Isaiah had said about the situation confirms it.


Makes me want to vomit!! It isn't TR's fault that IW said what he said (IW will need to live with that forever), but the fact that TR played the situation for his purposes, makes me lose respect.


I love TJ. He is great. I know a lot of people are against it but I hope they put and keep George and Izzie together. There would be some good story lines there.


He was so sweet and so funny on Ellen today.
He's just such a huge joy to watch on television.


Ha ha about the Katie's mom comment, he is so darn funny and amazing, I love him!


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