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Two New Grey's Anatomy Season 4 Promos

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Feast your eyes on two Grey's Anatomy promotional videos we learned about last night. Some clips shown in there we've seen before, while others we haven't. Either way, these videos should get discussion going and get everyone a little more excited for Season Four (if that's even possible)...



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For Julia in ARGENTINA: hola tambien de southamerica, ecuador. super fan de greys, puedes ver los ep d season 4 en youtube, los he visto todos hasta ahora. aki t mando mi mail escribeme t paso los links


OMG!! is derek breakin up with merdith in the on-call room???? I hope not!!


NOO!! i can tell this is gonna be a sad episode!! i hate lexi!! SHE MUST DIE!!


Fefy: No it's not from the season 3 sleeping with Finn and Der , because she does not have the black necklace on in that scene. And it's a dress she is wearing on the picture. It must be a wedding dress. I am so sure.
Well I want to be sure… Please make my dream come true and let us see them get married.


It's just me, but these promos are bad, not the Grey's I used to enjoy.


Hey love that clip of "girl from the bar" I really hope that Mer tells Der that she loves him and they stay together looks like she was mad when he said that to lexie maybe he'll tell her that there is no chance for her and she'll turn to Alex or Sloan please let her leave Der alone Lets keep our hopes up for Mer/Der to be together this season and for next also.


Sorry if someone already posted this, but..
Here's a "girl from the bar" sneak peek!!


I'm losing the exitement when i saw the last episode of the third season. Please...Let Meredith get the happiest life with Derek. Don't ever please make another ending. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This film was become "my energy" throughout the days after i broke up. This film was "saved" me from the loneliness. So.... it'll "destroy" my "entire" world if i don't see Mer and Derek get together forever.


Sorry for killing your hope, but unfortunately the pic you are talking about it's from season 3, from the episode "sometimes a fantasy", it's from Meredith's dream about sleeping with Der and Finn
¬¬ It's so sad that she is not in a wedding dress :(
I'm sorry, but don't lose your faith, we will have a MerDer wedding some day, and it will be awesome


when cristina said "He's never coming back is he ?" it makes me cry !!!!! it is so sad !!!
i can't wait season 4!