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Last week, TV Guide dropped the major spoiler bomb that Alex and Ava would reunite in the coming episodes of Grey's Anatomy. They certainly make a great couple - at least we thought so when she was introduced in Season 3 - and we can't wait to see what Grey's Anatomy's writing team has in store for these two this year.

Here's another photo of Alex (Justin Chambers) and Ava (Elizabeth Reaser) from the newest edition of TV Guide. We haven't seen Alex smile like that since... ever!

Justin Chambers, Elizabeth Reaser

Alex & Ava: tog

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aww....ava and alex will b so cute together! definately hope they get together xx


OMG!!! I am LOVING THIS PICTURE. They are SOo meant for each other. JC is SOoo Hot. Ouch!!


I think or actually, I am against all of you because i really think and want Izzie and Alex to be together but I'm not sure if this is a runour?! The actors and actresses are on contract and they cannot just take pics without the approvement of the abc or the Grey's Anatomy like "production stuff"


YAY! i can't wait until tomorrow! they look so happy because they love each other and are so perfect together!!! can't wait the previews show them making out in the closet and well we all know what happens in seattle grace closets haha.. can't wait soo excited ava brings out a side in alex that is so amazing and i hope they get married and she becomes a regular or at least a recurring guest star


Of course, he's an actor, his wife probably knows how to deal with things like this ;) Dempsey's also married, he also does 'things' with Mer, well his wife accepts it because they are all actors, playing a script ?!
But when you see pics of Justin, he rarely smiles, it's nice to see him smile all the way on this pic ! And Ava looks more beautiful here than in Grey's :)


umm... he's an actor... he's suppose to look like that, and I'm sure his wife knows it! LOL


I am so glad Ava is coming back. YAY! Alex looks much better when he's happy, and/or in love.


is this a photo of his ALEX KAREV side or his JUSTIN CHAMBERS isde?? because one of his sides is married and that smile and that hand on her leg is NOT something the MARRIED justin's WIFE would approve of..


great photo
i just like alex soo much better when he is happy
i am glad that Ava is coming back


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