As the World Turns Spoilers for November Sweeps

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As the World Turns Spoilers for November Sweeps
We've already provided a few As the World Turns spoilers for this week, but head writer Jean Passanante recently opened up to Soap Opera Digest about what fans can look forward to all month long.

"Watch for actions and their consequences: the dramatic lengths to which some women will go to hold onto the men they love. Surprising alliances. Returns and new arrivals," said Jean Passanante.

Lily/Holden: "Big stuff.... stay tuned. It will be a real Snyder Thanksgiving with some additions, subtractions, and definitely some fireworks. And of course the Hubbard squash."

Dusty/Emily/Chris: "After a couple of years of Sturm und Drang, Emily is happy to be in what she hopes is a more easygoing relationship."

Aaron/Alison/Will/Gwen/Cole/Sofie: "I'll just say that Aaron continues to try to help Sofie and to be on her side. Gwen and Will have their ups and downs but Will is determined to give Gwen what she wants. Stay tuned for an unholy alliance between Barbara and Iris."

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I agree carly should get what is coming to her - and Jack & katie should get back together - carly does not deserve him & she should be with brad since they are both in on the lie


i really think that carly should get what is coming to her once and for all, and put jack and katie back together

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As the World Turns Quotes

Noah: So, Luke... I know it was awkward walking on me and Maddie...
Luke: More awkward for you guys. At least I still had my clothes on.

Maddie: Hopefully if we're lucky, Luke will get his sense of humor back.
Noah: Luke's funny?
Maddie: When he's not worried about something, hilarious.
Noah: I'll make a note.