Bret Michales Comments on Rock of Love, Jes Rickleff

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Bret Michaels is ready for Rock of Love 2.

At least more than he was for the original reality series, which the musician admits came at a bad time: he wasn't prepared for a relationship during the show, making it a good thing Jes Rickleff dumped him, as guess.

Such a Hottie

"I had just come out of a long relationship with two kids," Michaels said. "I was more ready for 'Rock of Like' or 'Rock of Dating.' Jes and me had a real dose of reality when the show ended. There were five months in between and we talked on the phone a few times. I invited her to my shows in Chicago and St. Louis, but she didn't come.

The reality of reality dating is kind of strange."

Gee, you think, Bret?

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brett you suck and were so deceitful towards mindy. taya was a bad choice and was only there to promote her ugly ass self. you are such a loser. i used to like you and even thought that you were cool. not many cock rockers can still were makeup and eyeliner and get away with it. you will regret your choice mark my words. like she couldn't do her shoot when she got back all that crap about how she was missing it was nothing but a lie, just like ya'll's sorry ass thing that you call a relationship is going to be as well. you piece of shit. shame on you for breaking mindy's heart. you get her to open her heart and then you stomped on it. and you wonder why she had trust issues. you have permanently scarred her for life. you ass hole.


does brett wear the scarf ALL the time because he is balding????
looks that way.............


you have some pretty ugly and foul mouths on your show this season, I do not no what you see in Asley, she is the worst of all , every other word , she is calling someone a BITCH, and I cannot believe she has Kids, i fell sorry for them, ..But i guess you like some of the SKANKY women, Be smart and vote her out, and say your tour ends here


bret is such a loser he needs a reality show to get laid.


I think he is pathetic. We went to see him at an after show party. He was suppose to play a song or two with our friends band. He walked in sucked on a group of girls faces, took pics with them and then left with them. He didn't say hello to the crowd or even talk to the band. He is rude!!!!


omg ... brets bicht .. you are like a stalker he is not YOURS .. !!


Thank you Ann you got it in one, this is just a promotional tool to get his solo career back on track and the women are chosen for drama and ratings, not for True Love, come on, though yes it was delicious that the most decent girl on the show dumped him......perhaps not so innocent and real eh Bret, even players get played........ I would love to see a reality show that was somewhat more honest, call it Rock of Lust, the best groupie gets to go on tour and service her man, be willing to share and generally get treated as a doormat but in luxury but when the tour ends, so does her tour, bye bye, NEXT, which is way more honest and real


bret micaels is the sexiest man in this world and i will marry him one day:]]]]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


bert michaels is a freak .. this guy has no respect for women at all. he likes trashy females it appears. but then again he looks and acts trashy. thinking this show is only to boost his career that,s it. bret needs to be a father to his girls and not worry about getting free sex from any female he can


I have to say that I have started watching your show a few times out of curiosity to see if you are still the same old wild child you were/are with Poison back in my heydey and I agree with what Janet Robinson said in her post plus I can't believe that you choose girls to date that are old enough to be your daughter and are nothing more than groupies. Can't you see that??? These girls don't really know who you are because they were barely toddlers when Poison was on top of the music world. Is it so hard for you to find someone your own age??? I think that you can do better. You seem like an intelligent guy.