Days of Our Lives Spoiler: The Fate of John

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Rumors of Drake Hogestyn being fired are only gonna intensify after this news: In a revealing Days of Our Lives spoiler, John Black will be involved in a fatal car accident.

John Black Picture

That's right, the character actually dies. So this certainly means the end of Hogestyn on the show, right? Maybe not, according to Days of Our Lives officials:

"Things in Salem may not always be what they seem. The show has no official comment at this time," they said.

Guess we'll have to tune in and find out.

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I hate that John is dead..I was hoping that down the road we would find out that EJ is John Black's talk about a HOT father and son combo !!! Still holding out hope that DOOL is going to give us fans something....we deserved it after all these years !!


bring back john and get rid of ej wells.


Well Daysproducers - if you wanted a "rise" out of your audience you got it by killing off John.
How many times is he gonna die? Write something substantial And tell us what the heck happened when Stefano gave Shan Sr. a boat with a baby in it when he died the last time too! You people stink and everyone is really going to quit watching the show by your crappy writing.


Iam sick and tired of the same people dying 50 times over the years in Salem. Write something good! Sick of the same thing! What is wrong with you people? Of course Colleen Brady's body wasn't found so I guess sammy will be playing a double role as an old lady too! Get with it! Write something good and let all the characters have a part. I am sick of Maggie being married to a "ghost" Mickey husband too Find a replacement for him you replace everyone else... You people write terribly other soaps don't have this many problems


You need to bring John Black back and get rid of EJ. And as for Sammi if she marries EJ and divorces Lucas. I will not watch the show anymore. What will be the use you've killed off John and now Sammi has to marry EJ. You might as well Kill her off too.


I can't believe they would get rid of one of the best characters on the show. No wonder 'Days' has fallen into last place. John was my favorite. I have been watching 'Days' almost from the beginning. Once they go through the whole 'Lets find out who did it' I probably will not watch it. The teenagers, with the blah story lines are boring and hard to watch. It used to be exciting with John, Marlena, Bo, Hope, Stefano, Roman, Steve,& Kayla. Sami doesn't even have a backbone anymore. Ej and his eye twitching is awful. It is very hard to watch John die. It was very tearful. They have to bring John back. It will not be the same soap. My daughter watches 'Days' too. She also will not watch it after this. What a horrible thing they have done. BRING BACK JOHN!!!!!


I thik that John should stay on the show. Becouse I love John and Marlena being together. They need to be there for each other....


very upset that they kill of johni have benn watching days from day one. now that you have killed off my favorite actor, i am quiting watching the show

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