I can't win with you. You get mad at me if I lie and then if I tell the truth, you're still mad at me.


I know I shouldn't interfere. On your own you make such wonderful decisions.

Victor [to Brady]

You know I liked it the way it was 200 years ago. They used to burn witches then.


Bo: I showed up at another one of Hope's weddings on a motorcycle.
Steve: You guys lead such uncomplicated lives.

You want coffee? Get off your ass and get it yourself.


We're definitely not getting another one unless somehow I win the lottery or one of your rich relatives finally kicks the bucket and we get to finally take their fortune.


Sorry to disappoint. Tony's still dead and obviously I'm still alive.


There is this hole in my heart that will never be filled.


He was my best friend and I don't know how I'm going to go on without him.


What happened to you? When did you get so cynical? What have you done to my twin brother?


I feel sorry for you because you missed it. You missed all that time, all that time with that beautiful, loving, smart, child we made.


My father knows the underground tunnels of Salem like the back of his hand. He has his own passageways into them. It's like Phantom of the Opera down there.


Days of Our Lives Quotes

Will: There's nothing you can do.
Sonny: No Kiriakis has ever, ever accepted that premise.

Abe: Well maybe motherhood will mellow her.
John: A tranquilizer dart couldn't mellow her.