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Ciara: Remember you promised to teach me how to get boys to do whatever I want.
Theresa: Sure but let's get you into middle school first, OK.

Will: If there was one thing that you and dad taught me, it's how much family matters and that it's worth fighting for.
Sami: Well, I know you have the scars to prove it.

It is your day for me to tell you how lucky we are to have such an incredible son.


May the love that you share be the bond that brings you strength and comfort and joy all the days of your lives.


From the very first moment I laid eyes on you, I knew you would be the best thing I ever did. And you still are.


Sonny: You have had a lot of weddings here.
Victor: Unfortunately most of them were mine. I had the caterers on retainer their for a while.

What a waste of a huge talent.

T (about the stripper)

To the parents of out, proud, gay sons everywhere.


He's always loved me more. We both know that.

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