He hasn't threatened to kill me lately so I guess I’m ahead.


Oh come on, Abby. You got one last time with a guy who can actually finish sentences and anything else he starts.


I'd just be passing on some news that came to me in the course of the Salem PD's routine lifetime surveillance of all things DiMera.


I see exactly where you are. You're having an affair with Lucas Horton and you expect me to stand around and watch. Well, wrong guy.


I don't want to talk anymore about my psychopathic nephew, not on the day that the psychopathic mother of my great-grandson is moving into my house.


Theresa: Maggie, that hand to hand combat thing? You're not so bad at it yourself.
Maggie: I just think it's easier for people to get along when the rules are clear.

It's not just her. Pretty soon you may be dealing with her whole family. That imbecilic mother, the slatternly sister. My god, it's like living in an episode of Honey Boo Boo.


We all know who the real arbiters of justice are; that job is reserved for family.


If you cross a Kiriakis, it's only a matter of time before it comes back to haunt you.


Abe: Well maybe motherhood will mellow her.
John: A tranquilizer dart couldn't mellow her.

Do you get this worked up when you're with Benny boy or is it just me?


Man, who knew that the truth could be so useful!


Days of Our Lives Quotes

(to Kate) Stefano is a bastard. He's evil incarnate. We've both known that for decades.


You know Maggie I realize that you sunk your teeth into the richest man in ten states but that doesn't mean that everybody else is a gold digger too.