They're sending me to live with my uncle in the middle of nowhere. Florida. His wife left him and he needs help on the farm. They think it'll be like boot camp, you know, I'll spend my time picking fruit and paying them back and never do anything bad again, and you'll be out of my life.


You're not gonna stop me from quitting school and moving out. That's happening with or without your help.


Dad, you're wrong, so wrong! I'm gonna be with Ciara and you can't stop me!


Shawn: Hey! Take it easy. Don't talk to your mom like that!
Claire: Why? You do.

What Mark did to you makes me angrier than I can say, but vandalizing his father's car... what did that accomplish?


It's always been Shawn and Belle, Belle and Shawn. I know how this story ends. I don't want to live it again.


I know you suffer from derangement syndrome when it comes to Nicole. Hop into bed with her if it makes you feel better.


Dario: Anyone who could hurt Melanie's grandmother is scum as far as I'm concerned.
Nicole: As far as everyone's concerned.

So you look like this guy's dead Greek ex? That's creepy.


You don't want to get married because you're suddenly convinced that you want to spend the rest of our lives together. You want to get married so you don't have to think about how much you miss Shawn.


Yes, I know about the plan and I think it's a horrible idea.


You want to get married? You're kidding, right?


Days of Our Lives Quotes

Victor: I didn't get to where I am in life without being able to take care of problems.
Sonny: Or cockroaches.

I loved Helena for who she was. I loved her with my whole heart. The pain of losing her has never gone away.