I just think that you should put more effort into just being with Sonny instead of all these schemes, you know? You'd be a lot better off. You're worse than your mother.


The guy was in the closet six months ago and now he's the gay guru?


Eric: Are you alright?
Nicole: I will be after I knock her teeth out.

Nicole: I should have kept going after you with everything I had.
Serena: Which is what exactly? Your charm and razor sharp intellect?

Justin: And I was being a jerk.
Kate: Well there, something we can agree on.

Justin: I did sleep with someone else and Adrienne is sleeping with Lucas.
Kate: Yeah but in Salem that's grounds for an embarrassing, public shouting match, not a divorce.

Better be careful, Sonny boy, or next time I'll have them shove that knife through your heart instead of your back.


Stefano: What is going on with you and Clyde Weston?
Victor: Well, Maggie and I go square dancing with him and Kate every Thursday night. That man is the Baryshnikov of the two-step.

He hasn't threatened to kill me lately so I guess I’m ahead.


Oh come on, Abby. You got one last time with a guy who can actually finish sentences and anything else he starts.


I'd just be passing on some news that came to me in the course of the Salem PD's routine lifetime surveillance of all things DiMera.


I see exactly where you are. You're having an affair with Lucas Horton and you expect me to stand around and watch. Well, wrong guy.


Days of Our Lives Quotes

Good things come to those who drink.


You know when I came to work for a powerful, international mogul I just didn't expect to be talking about old girlfriends.