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There will always be an us, Samantha.


Now you're on my radar and I won't rest until you're totally, totally destroyed.


No offense but you and EJ implode every six months with no help from anybody. The only difference is that this time Abigail is involved.


I cannot tell you the pleasure it will bring me to destroy you, your father, and your dear, sweet, little, cupcake baking whore.


Sami: EJ, I own your life.
EJ: Yes you do and that's just the way that I have always wanted it.

You don't give me any of the facts and now you think I'm an idiot for not magically knowing what the hell is going on with you.


You did the maid of honor, so I'm just hoping you'll do some hard time now.


Kate: I could only get two trunkfuls of my things delivered tonight.
Sami: Aw, just the pointy hats and brooms?

So you buckle up EJ, it's going to be a bumpy ride. Straight down.

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