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Ann: Where is Jennie this morning?
Theresa: I doubt she'll be coming in.
Ann: True it's a work day. We know she's allergic.

I'm not going to stand her and pretend that I think that home wrecking skank is an innocent doe-eyed victim. She knew what she was doing and she didn't care who got hurt.


You dance on peoples' graves for exercise, don't you?

Daniel (to Ann)

If it weren't for poor, little, slutty Abby, if you wouldn't have had sex with her none of this would have happened.


Your client can fend off a grizzly bear with a butter knife.

Nicole (about Kristen)

Kate: It never occurred to me that you would be so deceitful.
Will: After years of watching you and mom and dad operate, what did you expect?

Kate: I think our protection really is that there's no way that even Stefano wants to explain to his grandchildren that he had their mommy and grandmama rubbed out.
Sami: Aw, the old softie.

Kate: I would know if he was going to take a hit out on us.
Sami: This is ridiculous. Do you think other families have conversations like these?

Eve: You are so mercenary.
Theresa: And you're so cheap.

I know your plan for the company, yes. You're going to leave me destitute. Sell off everything I have. Leave me in a puddle of my own tears crying into a pile of my Prada suits.


EJ: You know what it means for a Dimera to turn his back on a member of his family?
Sami: You want a medal?

Kristen Dimera's behind bars. That's two Dimeras in one month. It's like Christmas in August.

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Days of Our Lives Quotes

Good things come to those who drink.


Kate: Men are only as faithful as their options, Sami.
Sami: What is that, from the hooker handbook?

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