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Just hours to go until the second episode of Season Four. We've heard from Shonda Rhimes, talked about it at length ourselves and read some of the potential Grey's Anatomy spoilers for tonight. Now it's time to watch the drama unfold!

Share your thoughts on "Love/Addiction" and all things Grey's before and after the episode with fellow fans in our forum. Hear what others have to say about the many developments at Seattle Grace. Just click HERE to join the discussion!

Bitter Bailey?

As always, we will have our exclusive Insider episode recap up as soon as possible following the show, along with our music guide, list of memorable quotes, and photo gallery. We strive to make your viewing experience complete! Enjoy.

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I don't know why, but I think the show has lost its sparkle. If I wasn't a die hard Grey's Anatomy fan and if I hadn't been following the story for 3 seasons now, I would probably not watch it again. Despit the discussions about the different plots and how different people feel about Gizzie or Merded or Bang, the show is not the same. Shonda was talking about change, good change and burning down the ground or whatever, but the characters don't really seem to be going anywhere, or anywhere interesting. It's Season 4 and there is not ONE solid relationship. Everyone is either broken up, or cheating, or trying to figure things out. Why can't she just let things flow naturally. Why is there a need to go back and forth with Derek and Meredith getting together or not. A strong relationship takes time, but by now they should know they are meant to be together and they should be going through the things couples go through, not through soap-opera-like twists. I don't want to make many "suggestions" because I don't know what Shonda has in mind, and how the characters will turn out to be by the end of the show, whenever that will be. However, a good director, creates good, believable plots, and twists, that are somewhat welcomed, and somewhat believable. A resident performing surgery on a deer just because she looks at the sad little face of a little boy, is not the Izzie we knew in Season 2 and early Season 3.
In this entire Season the characters aren't really CHANGING, or the storylines aren't changing. Alex is still without anything really going on for him. We have gotten to know all the other internns-now residents, while we really don't know much about Alex. It'd be a nice thing to give Alex some stories to show who he is, and to get to know him more. Gizzie needs to stop. If Shonda used Gizzie as a way to show George he made a mistake marrying Callie, it wasn't the best, most believable method. I just hope things start sparkling up a bit, and that Shonda makes something with the great characters she created the first 3 seasons :)


Gizzie hooking up to me is the most natural thing, two ebst friends falling in love, they were always in a relationship anyway. They feel more natural and elss forced than MerDer or any of the crappy couples on this show. Right now, they are the only reason I even watch the show.


John wrote: Izzie hooking up with George is for me, as awkward as Yang and Mcdreamy hooking up for Bailey and the Chief. Some relationships are just not meant to be. I totally agree. I just hope this saga abouth Gizzie ends soon.


That episode was boring again and again the only thing sparking my interest was George and Izzie. They are the only thing thta makes me watch this day and I thibnk it is never good to watch for one ting alone


Dear Shonda, Producers, and Writers at Grey's,
You are using the same old plot twists and pretending they are new-- patrticularily with the Dempsey/Pompero characters. Too bad you guys are not smart enough to get this relationship to grow in the plot line and really capitalize further on the amazing screen chemistry between these two. I dare you to take things to the next level and let them be in a solid relationship with equally fast/witty/wise dialogue and some new obstacles . Same old same old won't get you through another season and lead to restored glory. The rest of the cast is wonderful but without them (Pompeo/Dempsey) you don't have the sparkle and all the good writing and acting in the world will not replace it. Who are you kidding? Yourselves?


MerDer are ok. They don't excite me that much but I don't hate them either. I hope their fans get their wish. To be honest, the one couple on this show I really love is george and Izzie, I truly care about them and their happiness. They were so adorably sweet yesterday, my heart ached for them to be together. Callie can be with Mark. And I am sure Denny would understand, when Izzie had that convo about George with Denny and how much George meant to her, Denny seemed to understand just how important George was for her and how much she loved him, he wanted ehr to move on and I am sure if he had been able to pick the person, he would have picked George,def. not Alex, he loathed him with good reasons. izzie always had sort of a thing for George anyway.


Why would Gizzie want to replace Merder? There can be and there should be two strong couples on this show. MerDer is the mian couple a la Ross and Rachel and Gizzie could be the second couple a la Monica and Chandler. It just seems like some MerDer fans are feeling threatened by George and Izzie, and not sure why. I don't want Gizzie to be the main couple, main couples getw ay too predictable, boring and get way too tortured, so I am not wishing on Gizzie what they are doing to MerDer, I love them too much for that.


Okay here's what I believe is true about what's going on: 1. George and Izzie are not meant for each other.Them two being a couple together entirely disregards who they were Season 1 & 2. Whenever I think of the Izzie who fells in love with Denny, it saddens me to see how she's acting. I know it's a show and that they are characters not real people, but there has to be some sort of plot. Izzie hooking up with George is for me, as awkward as Yang and Mcdreamy hooking up for Bailey and the Chief. Some relationships are just not meant to be. I can try to understand how this MIGHT end up happenning, but it's too big of a stretch to make George and Izzie a thing. I also think that Shonda has kind of ruined George a bit. Everyone holds something behind his/her back, but George is not being him. The George in the beginning of Season 3, and the George of Season 2, is not the same George of Season 4. He's too different now. It's a bit hard to relate him to the George he used to be before. He needs to sort of go back to his roots a bit. 2. Addison leaving Seattle Grace was the best obvios option. The only reason she came to the show was Derek, and then Mark came and that made her stay a bit longer. She had nothing else to do in Seattle, if she stayed we would probably be complaining about how little of Addison we are seeing, and how she isn't getting and plotlines. 3. Christia and Burke. I think it's sort of IW fault for not being able to put all the accusations at rest and just return one more time for a goodbye. I think that without a one to one goodbye between Christina and Burke, there will always be that weird feeling of interruption. IF they dont say goodbye face to face once more, the cycle wont be completed. Shonda can say thats what she chose to do despite everything that happened, but Shonda is a person, not a robot, and just like everyone else she would have had one last scene of Burke and Christina. That's all. Yesterday was a good episode though. Definitely getting better than the end of last season.

Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Just because we can live without something, it doesn't mean we have to.


Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around; Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow."

Meredith (closing voiceover)