Friday Night Lights Spoiler Watch: Tim & Lyla

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On Friday Night Lights spoiler patrol, Kristin Veitch of E! Online has some new scoop on Riggins and Lyla, as well as some other gossip about the show.

Tim in the Hospital

Follow the jump to learn more about what's in store for Tim Riggins ...

Will Riggins and Lyla get together? I think yes, but not until close to the end of the year. In the meantime, Riggins has to deal with getting kicked off the football team and settling in with the Taylor family, with whom he'll be living for a while.

Lyla Garrity, meanwhile, becomes the co-host of a teen Christian talk-radio show, where she finds her cohost Chris more than a little attractive.

In other news, Tami Taylor is going to have massive separation issues when it comes time to drop off baby Gracie at day care. In fact, Tami walks into day care the first day and walks back out with Gracie still in her arms.

Maybe Riggins can babysit?

In other mini-Friday Night Lights spoiler news, producer Jason Katims has said the season will not turn into a courtroom drama revolving around the embattled Tyra and Landry. Hopefully the murder plot line is resolved in some form soon!

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The Tim/Lyla relationship is great.. can't understand these comments against it. I think they have a lot of chemistry, and interesting dynamics.


Please say it aint so.. I can't watch lyla and tim together >.< there goes the season for me, someone email me when they break up, that I will watch ^_^


Jennifer i.... what?? I didn't understand ONE word in your paragraph. Grammar Lessons, sweety!


well since riggins is going to be staying at the taylor house maybe him and julie can get a little closer sorry to all the tim and lyla fans i just like the thought of riggins and julie together it would really make coach mad LOL


Tim and lyla's is one of the post palapable attracted left on primetime tv. there is was that the God element can be uese to help Lila refore Tim , and it may be falling off the time is that loss of he cares about will make him turn to the one woman he has ever loved and truly respected. And he can keep her fomr being too sacitimouius as he gets her help in drying out. They need each other and that is what makes all their scenes filled with tension. Otherwsie hre new love of good is just pointless--she need to be haded a real prject in her own homw--not to reaching out to prisons. It is hardes to fiz/help what is right infromt of us. As Tim said he has sinned but he is trying to bechristian and be by Jason's side. Jasaon and lila are over.


Tim and Lyla? Hope it's VERY late in the season, or better yet...not at all! Sorry "Tyla" fans, no offense but that pairing just does nothing for me at all. =/

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