Friday Night Lights ends an incredible run this week. We're gonna miss Coach and Mrs. Coach like no other couple on TV.

"Texas Whatever"

Tim assesses his future this week, as does Coach. The future of football in Dillon is also decided.

Tami leaves town due to a major opportunity this week. The Lions, meanwhile continue on their march to State.

An elite college football team tries to lure Eric away this week. We also get to see Tim's parole hearing.

Coach threatens to suspend Vince this week. Yes, things are getting that bad between them. Luke faces pressure.

Eric fears that he's losing his grip on the Lions this week, while Tami worries about a student. Read on for a recap.

"Perfect Record"

Vince gets caught in the middle of Coach and Ornette this week. Elsewhere, Billy takes Luke under his wing.

An old friend of Vince's comes back into his life this week. Elsewhere, Julie's life takes a turn for the worse.

Recruit regulations play a role on Friday Night Lights this week. Elsewhere, it's road trip time for the Lions.

"Keep Looking"

The Lions welcome a new player and Luke is recruited by Texas Methodist University; Tami counsels a troubled student named Epyck.