Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest LXXIX

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The 79th straight week of the Insider's Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest was a good one for sure. Let's take a look at this funny pic from "Haunt You Every Day" and see who emerged victorious in our traditional Monday contest.

Honorable mentions go out to McKatie, greys, AnnetteC and iloveshepherd, but we chose Cat as this week's winner. Short, simple, funny! Congratulations, and thank you to all who participated this week. We are always grateful for your support.

The winning reply appears underneath the photo below, and you can scroll down the page to review the full list of captions we received. Thanks again for making our site the #1 Grey's Anatomy fan source online. We appreciate you playing!

Here is this week's Caption Contest image:

George & Lexie

George: "Something's different…but I can't quite put my finger on it."

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George: Lexi, this is Grey's Anatomy, NOT Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. Lexi: Oh!


George: "Ooohh...little BoPeep? Bambi like."


George: " Sorry, Lexi, but I recognized you in your disguise, and if I recognized you then Meredith will too- so if I were you I'd get out of town STAT!"


Lexie: Do you think this look will score me some points with McDreamy? George: Hmmm, you have to lose the coat and get yourself some leather lingerie. Flaunt some baby. Lexie: Really? Shepard goes for that? Geroge: Of course.. sshhh.. don't tell anyone but he left Meredith cos she refused to.. Lexie: Oooooooh?


George: "Why, hello, Ms. Bo Peep. Have you lost your mind -- Uh, I mean, your sheep?" ahahhahahahahaha i love Cat's comment!


George: All I can think of is hickory, dickory, dock, the mouse ran up the clock.


George: Oh no... not the Amish again..


George: I want to be the Raggedy Andy to your Raggedy Ann.
Lexie: Taking lessons from Sloan again are we?


George: what's on your head?
Lexie: Oh you like? i was just baking cookies this morning and i saw the hat and it and said to myself oh i need to put it on so i did and then i put my cookies in a basket and skipped down the hall way. it just mad me feel like little red ridding hood.
George: ok


George (shocked): Are you dressed as the Little Red Riding Hood?
Lexie: Yeah, it's much better than the "Adulterer Bambi lost in the woods" costume that you are wearing.

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