Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest LXXVIII

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Happy Monday, fans, and welcome to the 78th straight week of the official Grey's Anatomy Insider Caption Contest. Let's take a look at who sent in the winning caption regarding this photo from Season Four's "The Heart of the Matter."

You all outdid yourselves this week, that's for sure. Honorable mentions go out to Curtis, AnnetteC, Marianne, April and Gilmore meets Greys. After much debate among Insider staffers, we chose the witty reply of EliseR. Congratulations! The winning entry appears beneath the picture, and you can scroll down to review the full list of captions we were sent this past week.

Thanks, as always, for playing this Caption Contest and for making the Insider the #1 Grey's Anatomy site online. We appreciate all of your support!

Here is this week's Caption Contest image:

Meredith and Norman

Meredith: "Lovesick? My diagnosis is LOVESICK?! But we did all these tests!"

Norman: "Bizarre the maladies that that occur in this hospital."

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Meredith: "Oh my god, George is singing his version of 'Sexy Back' right now. Norman: "What is he saying, he thinks he's got a sexy back? I gotta get with it!"


Disaster strikes Seattle Grace-- There is a Tequila Shortage!


Please, Chief! If you want to help fix the sink, that's fine--but the plumber's crack is just too much!!!


Norman: "What are those.."
Meredith: "Oh no. Not again!
Norman: "Hi Dr. Bailey!"
Miranda: "Hi Nor- you can tell me who's damn ashes are on the bulletin board!?"


Mer: What do you mean the chocolate is missing!?
Norman (thinking): Oh-no! Look innocent! Don't look guilty!


Norman: Maybe I should try to mimic your feelings so I'd be a better surgeon.
Meredith: Hey, forget it. Dark, twisty, scary and damaged are mine. Go find your own pretend emotion.


Meredith: Oh my god, who is that old woman that Alex is with?
Norman: That's my wife!


Meredith: "Oh, man." Norman: "You're transferring me to GERIATRICS? As a PATIENT??? Seriously?"


Norman: "Is that Pacey Witter from Dawson's Creek?" Meredith: "Holy crap -- For some reason I'm sensing a love triangle in the near future."


norman: oh no.. that lexi is trouble!!
meredith: she just flashed derek!!
norman: ok.. she's big trouble!!

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