Grey's Anatomy Spoiler Watch: More MerDer Trouble?

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E! Online columnist Kristin Veitch dishes a little on the upcoming guest star that poses potential problems for Derek and Meredith. This doesn't reveal a whole lot, so no real spoilers here. Just more MerDer hesitation and conflict. Will it ever end? Or will this finally help lead TV's favorite couple to a better end?

MerDer Trouble?

Question: Any word on Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd? I'm so tired of the back and forth. Can they just get together or break up for good?

Answer: Now, what fun would that be?! Trust me, I feel your pain, but this is TV, and in the spirit of Sam & Diane / Ross & Rachel / Kristin & Stamos, things will get more complicated before they get any easier.

Sources confirm to me that Lauren Stamile is most definitely a new love interest for Derek (Patrick Dempsey), and she'll be sticking around for a while. I'm told she's pretty much the anti-Meredith (all the way around â€" looks and personality) and will make Derek somewhat conflicted... at least in the short run.

What do you think? Are you losing faith in Mer and Der? Or is this just what the doctor ordered to help them get their respective acts together?

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Where did the "… at least in the short run" part come from?


I agree with StephRo. I think it's really boring with the off and on Mer/Der. I have faith in Derek, but I think he'll get mad at Mer, get involved with Lauren Stamile, and then realize what a mistake he's making; leaving Meredith. Then he'll talk to her, and she'll change her mind about S & M only. At least that is what I hope happens. One only knows so much about Shonda's mind power.


To be honest, it is NO fun when they're always off and on, I just want them on all the time, it'd be much better if we just saw them as a happy couple who say, "I love you" when they leave for work, or they'er cute scenes like the beginning...ish of last season.
(Sigh) but I suppose if I was the writer, it'd be moer fun with them always in conflict...even though it frustrates me SOO much!!!


Well could you please let Shonda do whatever she wants to do? I think she knows better! It's stupid to say that we won't ever watch GA again if Derek sleeps with other woman or Mere with another man. I'm sure that the ending for these two will be happy but just for now it's obvious that their relationship is still quite dusfunctional and needs to be healed! So no matter how many times we will discuss again about Merder in the future, they will be together and sooo in love at the end!


I hope it's a sister, I sure would like to see them together. But the on again and off againe is getting a bit old. They should have wnt away together last week it would help the relationship if they got away from everyone


I am getting upset and frustrated with Mer and Der and summarizing each episode for my daughter in law in Israel. Whenever we call them for a social visit, I must discuss the latest episode and Mer and Ders highjinks. I NEED STRENGTH !!!!!!!


I'm still hoping that turns out to be his sister we went through the same thing about Nancy. Or Shonda has a secret agenda to get us to hate MerDer for some reason. On a more serious note has anyone heard anything about a writers strike that might put thie rest of this season on hold at some point?


Same here. im getting fusterated bad! .. but ill still watch Greys Anatomy anyways because for me its not all about MerDer. Errrr Shonda fusterates me.


Truthfully, i am very tired and i cant be bothered anymore. I say Shonda can do what she wants, it her show after all. To be honest now i only watch grey's to see my fav stars and not becos of the storyline, i have never been so frustrated with a tv show in my entire life until grey's.

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