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The sometime Grey's Anatomy spoiler aficionado, Michael Ausiello of TV Guide, is back at it with a spate of potentially juicy gossip. Here's what he has to say...

Question: My DVR broke and I need some very juicy Grey's Anatomy gossip to get over the pain.
Ausiello: Tomorrow night, two characters who have never been romantically linked will have sex... and Meredith will walk in on them! Any guesses?

Question: Are they going do be doing anything with McSteamy's storyline on Grey's Anatomy anytime soon? A new love interest possibly?
Ausiello: Call me crazy, but I have a hunch that Mark Sloan is the mystery doc Brooke Smith said would be crushing on Dr. Hahn in a future episode.

Question: Last Thursday's Grey's Anatomy, "Haunt You Every Day," was the best episode of the season so far! Was Brooke Smith (Dr. Erica Hahn) the guest star promoted to series regular you were referring to earlier this year?
Ausiello: She sure was.

A Rare Smile

Question: This George and Izzie thing is getting gross. When will it end?
Ausiello: Certainly not tomorrow night, when the two of them decide to have sex for the first time without being drunk. Unfortunately for them ... but fortunately for us ... an obstacle stands in their way. Hint: Removing the obstacle requires a sharp object that can be found at your local CVS.

Question: You said Lauren Stamile would be Derek's new love interest, but I haven't seen any other Grey's Anatomy spoilers to support this.
Ausiello: Are you fact-checking my stories? In any event, there's no need to vet my Stamile item; she's definitely coming in as a love interest for Patrick Dempsey. In fact, their first date is scheduled for November 15.

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I hope the Gizzie ends soon - it makes me cringe seeing those two together!!!


That would be super funny if the two character's caught by Mer having sex were lexie and alex. And I agree with clubmcdreamy about the whole Dr. Hanhn and Solan thing. He is always going for the good-looking people/type and she would definitely be something different for him as well as challenge.


SIgh...!! omg, tht spoiler spoilt my day! seriously. i mean...Gizzie doesn't get to really sleep together?! WTF....C'mon give them a break already. it is so not gross..and i hope it turns out romantic and really Hot!! :) Izzie and george should not have any obstacles in their way of having sex...argh. thts such a sad answer. i was hoping tht it would turn out great! But who am i kidding, its greys for God's sake. hehe. Drama and disturbance in r/s is the key in this TV show. nothing comes to a happily ever after...which is so saddening. Gizzie rox btw!


I also read where it will be Lexie and Alex @ Meredith's house.


didnt you see the preview of next weeks ga.its izzie and geogge!!!!!!


"Comment by conny @ October 31, 2007, 8:06 am
i know - it's alex and lexie in meredith's house!!!" Alex would never do that, he loves Ava!!


i know - it's alex and lexie in meredith's house!!!


mc steamy falling for dr hahn?! hahaha. that's gross but kind of funny. and kind of true to real life. you always go for hot girls and then you find yourself falling for the person that defies your 'standards'. lol.


"In fact, their first date is scheduled for November 15."
OMG my day is so ruined :( Any news as regards any new 'love interest' for meredith? i know this is a crime, but if derek's dating, i want someone for meredith the mean time.

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