Joshua Jackson to Guest Star on Grey's Anatomy

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The list of notable Grey's Anatomy guest stars continues to grow. Joshua Jackson has been singed to a multi-episode arc on ABC's hit medial drama.

Elizabeth Reaser, Seth Green, Lauren Stamile and others have been announced as guest stars, as the new season continues to feature new faces.

Now it's Joshua Jackson, 29, who will reportedly play a doctor in the 11th episode of Season Four and continuing for several episodes. This is Jackson's first stint on TV since the end of his long-running hit show Dawson's Creek (2003).

Joshua Jackson

We've looking forward to seeing Josh Jackson on Grey's Anatomy.

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Joshua Jackson is awsome and maybe he can stay on the show for longer. He can act is hot and would make a great doc on the show.


i heard hes not going to be able to do greys anatomy because of another show hell be on plus because of the writers very depressed!


Mer should so get him for some revenge against Mc Dreamy or he should come dray MC THORNY- Nurse Rose- away I seriously hate her. We need m
Mer Der. Mer Der needs Mer Der. She has to go AWAY seriously =] Jennifer.


I heard that he and Christina might hook up...


I love him! I hope he stays on the show, it's been kinda dumb lately.


OMG!! I love Dawson's Creek! and Joshua Jackson! I'm so excited!!


I looooooove josh! im so excited!
He is going to be paired with CRISTINA! haha im so excited, she needs some love. she is so angry, and im so sick of all the guys wanting meredith. she is evil now! GIZZIE!


cant wait for josh to appear in a GA ep!!! i really like him..i think he will be an excellent addition to the cast! pair him up with lexie or izzie fine with me...but i guess i prefer lexie!!!! go josh, do your thing, that's what we love about u!!!


Joshua Jackson??? Sign me up!!!! I've never watched a whole episode of Grey's but now there's definitely a reason to!!!! Great move, ABC!


I have never watched GA before, but I will never pass up an opportunity to watch Joshua Jackson. I have a huge crush!


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