Joshua Jackson to Guest Star on Grey's Anatomy

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The list of notable Grey's Anatomy guest stars continues to grow. Joshua Jackson has been singed to a multi-episode arc on ABC's hit medial drama.

Elizabeth Reaser, Seth Green, Lauren Stamile and others have been announced as guest stars, as the new season continues to feature new faces.

Now it's Joshua Jackson, 29, who will reportedly play a doctor in the 11th episode of Season Four and continuing for several episodes. This is Jackson's first stint on TV since the end of his long-running hit show Dawson's Creek (2003).

Joshua Jackson

We've looking forward to seeing Josh Jackson on Grey's Anatomy.

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The best greys new in a loooong time
I ADORE HIM as i loved pacey and his character and him with joey im gonna be so happy to see him appear in greys my dream comed true! i hope writers give him the best storyline EVER in greys hes amazing GREAT!


i LOVE josh! adding him as a regular to grey's would make it perfect! he's just such a loveable guy.. and everybody loved him as pacey... doesn't seem like to me he'll be a love interest for anyone.. but they should definitely make him "McSweetie" or "McCutie"!


I have been such a fan of Josh for so long, and I am so excited that he will be appearing on the show. He is such an excellent actor. Cannot wait to see what is in store. Melissa


maybe josh & lexie :) they both look around the same age... mer looks too old for him


James was on Ugly Betty last Thursday (he played Dawson on Dawson's creek) it's kinda a coincidence that Josh will be also guest starring in an ABC tv's about time we got these actors back on tv!!


So is he going to be Finn 2 for Mer or Finn 1 for izzie? I can see it now, George choses Callie out of obligation, Izzie is heartbroken, this new guy shows up and she leans on him for support with her broken heart. George gets really really jealous, finally dumps callie and fights for Izzie. She is a bit afraid to be hurt by George again so she plays hard to get for a while but of course George is the one she loves like Derek was for Mer and she and Gorge reunite, leaving new guy in the cold. I would love that actually, as long as Izzie does not sleep with that guy and it is clear George is the one she loves all along, because there is no way in hell I am accepting Izzie with anyone but George in the end


I don't care who he is for as long as in the end, George and Izzie end up together and Meredith and Derek too. I see him as the distraction type but I don't think he will be more than the guy to drive or Derek or George jealous or a one-night stand. I doubt it is Lexie as she is being paired with Alex. ut maybe he will be paired with Cristina or noone, who knwos?


I want him away from izzie, George and Izzie belong together. If he is with her, just as the Finn kind of guy top make George jealous and finally dump Callie and be with Izzie.
But yea, Gizzie forever!


This is PERFECT!!! can't wait!!!! yayyyyyyyy, only 7 more episodes and we will see him!!!!!! seattle grace is going to be hotter than ever!!!!


omg! yay!!! i LOVE joshua jackson!!!


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