Joshua Jackson to Guest Star on Grey's Anatomy

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The list of notable Grey's Anatomy guest stars continues to grow. Joshua Jackson has been singed to a multi-episode arc on ABC's hit medial drama.

Elizabeth Reaser, Seth Green, Lauren Stamile and others have been announced as guest stars, as the new season continues to feature new faces.

Now it's Joshua Jackson, 29, who will reportedly play a doctor in the 11th episode of Season Four and continuing for several episodes. This is Jackson's first stint on TV since the end of his long-running hit show Dawson's Creek (2003).

Joshua Jackson

We've looking forward to seeing Josh Jackson on Grey's Anatomy.

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As long Josh stays away from Mer and Der, I'm happy. Who knows? One (or two) night stand for Lexie or Izzie?


OMG!!!! yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! i love love love and adore josh jackson!!! he's gonna make the show a million times better!! can't wait!!! woohooooo!!


I don't think he will be a love interest for Meredith. We certainly don't need that! Especially, if they are going to bring somebody in to flirt with Derek to make Meredith jealous! We need to work on getting Mer/Der together and I'm looking forward to what SHonda has in store for these two and I'm ok with the other woman as long as they don't sleep together! I really don't think Derek would go that far with anyone else! But, yeah, I think this new guy would be good for Izzy!


LOVE Joshua Jackson!! Can't wait to see him on Grey's - hopefully he becomes a regular. Him and Izzy would be HOT together!! With a little bit of Karev jealousy/competition thrown in there. Sounds like tons of fun!


A new love interest for Izzie or Lexie


OMG! I love Joshua Jackson! I could watch Dawson's Creek re-runs all day. I can't wait to see what happens with him.


Jooooosssh! This is such good news.

Avatar long as he doesn't go near Meredith- she's already confused on what she wants, we don't need to add more confusion.


I am super excited about him guessing staring on Grey's. I've missed him since Dawson's went off the air.


Because sex will kill them love!


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Derek: It wouldn't be love if it didn't.

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