Patrick Dempsey Pictures From Entertainment Weekly

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From the moment he sits down among the buttoned-up, health-obsessed power players at a bustling Brentwood sushi joint and orders a round of champagne, it's clear that Grey's Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey is a bit of a throwback.

Rarely since Paul Newman and Steve McQueen, who provided the inspiration for these new photos taken by Entertainment Weekly's James White â€" has a leading man brought this kind of old-school relish to the spoils of his success.

Having a Drink
Easy Rider

These are just a few pictures of Patrick from EW's feature. Follow this link for many more images from this shoot in our gallery of Patrick Dempsey photos!

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Hey all you McDreamy fans, married and single. You gotta buy Entertainment Weekly this week. The article is terrific and the pictures are too! He thinks Meridith and and Derek should get married. How about it Shonda? Let's make it the season finale this season! A happy ending for a change and not a cliffhanger!


Wow, he kinda has a James Dean look working for him in these pictures with the far off stare and the black and white of the photograph and the perfect hair. Not that he looks like Mr. Dean, but the pictures just remind me of him. Maybe it's just me.


Patrick looks awesome it also amazes me how he looks so much better sice he has gotten older. I heard Jillian did his makeup and hair. And I was wishing Ellen was in these shots with him. I know I'm bad can't help it. I'm a Dempeo junkie.


He's sooo pretty

Avatar the pictures! Don't know which one I like the best........he looks great in all of them! I do the article the best quote was" he wishes that Derek could marry Meredith"!!!!
Its good to know he feels the same way as the Mer/Der fans. and its good to know he hasn't gotten too frustrated with the way Shonda is playing out the Mer/Der relationship...even though I have read where Ellen and Patrick have hoped for Mer/Der to finally be in a good realtionship together.
Maybe that will eventually happen one day....but now alittle concerned with the new spoilers of Der will possiibly havng a new love interest! Whats up with that...if its true that is....... Anyway.....
Really Love Patrick Dempsey!!


Without a doubt, my favorite quote from the aritcle is this: ''I'd like to see him marry Meredith,'' Dempsey says of Dr. Shepherd's romance with the will-o'-the-wisp resident played by Ellen Pompeo. ''All the relationships on the show are deeply flawed, but I think there should be a healthy one to be found somewhere.'' Wow, how much do dig this guy for saying that? Seems he understands Meredith and Derek and wants much better for them than the creator of the show Shonda Rhimes. He's just great:)


Wow these are some great pictures.


OH GOD!!! that picture just made me MELT!!!


Holy cow, did Jillian really let them publish that picture of Patrick on the bed????


I hope there's an article that comes with these lovely pictures.


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