Picture of Milo Ventimiglia... Shirtless!

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This is one for the ladies. They've been clamoring for a look at Milo Ventimiglia shirtless - and, really, who are we to deny Heroes fans of any wishes?

Milo Ventimiglia, No Shirt

Regarding his physique, the actor recently said:

"I get beat up, I'm bloodied, I'm in a flying harness, I'm knocked down. I've definitely had a lot of bumps and bruises. I've got to keep myself strong and flexible and in the right state of body to do a lot of those things."

Don't worry, guys. We've got pictures of Ali Larter nude for you to drool over. Everyone happy now?

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I love Milo he is such a hottie and he is such a got actor LOVE HIM!!!!


he looks just like my neighbour and i'm in love with my neighbour bla bla bla.....what i'm trying to say is that milo would look way better with me on top of him!


omfg he is soo goodlooking and he is definitely dating hayden and why would
she say no to him?!?!
good for both of you!!!
and milo you are goddamn gorgeous!!!!


? love milo!! he is very sweety is everytime:D
I love milo because my hero is M?LO!!!


hey he is hot!


YEs thank you. He is damn fine. :)
And if him and Hayden are dating then
i am happy for them and just have to say
that she is so damn lucky! :) Go Hayden!
Score! 8)Hahaha.


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