Pushing Daisies Caption Contest I

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Thanks to everyone that submitted an entry in the first-ever Pushing Daisies Caption Contest. It was fun, right?

While we chuckled at all the entires, the one sent in by "glinda" made us the laugh the hardest. Take a look underneath the photo to see why - and don't forget to come back and play every week.

You could be the next winner!


This dress was stylish in 1974. Can you bring it back to life?

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Oh my God you're right, you do have a lot of nose hair!


Finally I can see your face Ned


this dress was stylish in 1974, can you bring it back to life?


Come on, Ned, bake me a piece of Olive pie... if you know what I mean!


Oooh... you're a lot cuter than Leo McGarry!

Pushing Daisies Quotes

They're not gonna kill me during business hours.


These nuns aren't my people. Unless you're telling me "flibbertigibbet" is a title of respect.