Pushing Daisies Music: Brought to You by James Dooley

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There was so much to love on the series premiere of Pushing Daisies last night.

From romance to intrigue to comedy to really fun, bright colors, it's hard to choose our favorite aspect of the show. Fortunately, there's no need to. We can enjoy it all!

We'd be remiss, however, if we didn't mention the great music that accompanied many scenes. The man behind this score? James Dooley.

You've probably head Dooley's music before, but never knew it. According to his official website, the composer has been behind the scores on hit films such as Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl and The Da Vinci Code.

We look forward to hearing what else he has in store for Pushing Daisies.

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I'd love to get hold of a folio of sheetmusic for this series, including JD's arrangement of Birdcage in your Soul.


I was referring to the episode 1 of the second season. I don't remember this being a problem last season.


I felt the episode was over scored. I just couldn't catch a breath with the wall to wall music and it overplayed the scenes most of the time. At times I could barely hear the actors. I love this show but they need to turn the music off sometimes and leave it a little lower.


Actually Jim Dooley IS the main and only writer- not sure where you got your misleading information - you should not offer information if it is untrue. You must not care very much for people in this industry.


Dooley is not the only composer for Daisies. Blake Neely wrote practically all of the first six minutes of the Pie-lette, and those first six minutes are on his web site as well. http://www.blakeneely.com/proj...


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Ned: You answer questions with questions.
Olive: Maybe I know I have a tell and I know you know I have a tell and maybe I'm doing it now to confuse you because you don't know what tell I'm telling.