Round Table: "The Heart of the Matter"

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While fans gather in our forum to discuss their beloved character and story lines, the Grey's Anatomy Insider staff comes together to talk about their highlights, gripes and opinions regarding the most recent episode of TV's best show.

Round Table discussion topics for "The Heart of the Matter" range from Cristina's fragile emotional state, to George's confession and newcomer Lexie ...

1. Was Richard right to honor Camille's wishes?

McCritic: Yes. Like Texas Hold 'Em, patient care cannot be based on emotion. As her doctor, Richard had no choice but to abide by his niece's desire for a pain-free remaining few months of life. It's tough, but no one said being a doctor - or the President of the United States - was easy.

iheartizzie: Richard did the right thing in dealing with Camille, weighing his role as a surgeon with the compassion of a caring uncle. With a nuanced portrayal of  that internal conflict, James Pickens, Jr. again proved he's one of the best in the business, despite being overshadowed by his more famous fellow cast members.

AndYouveGotTheHair: I felt bad for Camille and her whole family, but I don't think Richard had much of a choice. I was also saddened by Adele's response.

The Family Matters

2. When will Callie forgive George?

iheartizzie: Sometime around Beer-thirty. Callie just needs to loosen up and knock back a few with George at Joe's. They'll hug it out and that will be that.

McCritic: It's hard to say. Either half past infinity, or a quarter to never!

AndYouveGotTheHair: I don't think she will. This relationship wasn't exactly stable to begin with, and even though he said he slept with Izzie - rather than in love with Izzie - I don't see O'Callie recovering from this incident.

3. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote of the night?

AndYouveGotTheHair: Derek's speech to Meredith. He doesn't want 48 uninterrupted hours... he wants a lifetime. How can she resist!?

McCritic: Izzie being labeled a "traitorous bitch." Well said, Callie. Although I would've added "emotional, selfish train wreck," as well.

iheartizzie: Alex's bitter (and justified) reaction to Izzie's confession. Harsh, yes, but certainly honest and revealing. Karev is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.

4. Norman the old intern: Haplessly charming or annoyingly inept?

McCritic: Haplessly charming. As long as I'm never a patient under his care.

iheartizzie: I can handle the Big N (look how he towers over Ellen Pompeo in the pic below) in small doses, but he is annoyingly inept... and takes screen time away from some of the principal cast members (Bailey) who don't get enough.

AndYouveGotTheHair: Haplessly charming. He means well. "'Sup, Lexie?" Come on, how can you not like him? At least a little.

Meredith and Norman

5. Will Meredith give Derek what he wants?

AndYouveGotTheHair: Yes, eventually. But she had better get a move on, lest he go looking elsewhere for it while she's waffling. Come on, girl!

McCritic: No. He's picked picked her, chosen her, loved her... and it's still not enough. This relationship is more one-sided than a matchup of the Dillon Panthers and New England Patriots.

iheartizzie: There was a time (I believe Season 2) where Meredith was willing to give him her whole life, and then he chose Addison. But he came around. How is it not enough for her now? Do you really only want what you can't have?

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I am sorry but how is Izzie a traitorous bitch? She and Callie are no friends. And she manipulated George, LOL! No that would be you Callie, you are the one who instead of insisting on a long engagement with George got him to elope before he could change his mind when he was half of his mind with grief, which is manipulation at his best! So while I do feel bad for you, you are not some little innocent in this. And George and Izzie so belong together, it isn,t even funny. One episode without scenes of them together and I am in withdrawal. Alex is so pathetic, it doesn't even worth mentioning, but I did love how Izzie treated him like a chick, LOL, ouch that had to hurt his ego because in his small little mind, George should be the one treated as a chick, not him. Could not happen to a nicer person! Alex and Izzie have zero chemistry together, not one ounce. I mean I hate Callie and George but at elast they have an ounce of chemistry, but Alex and Izzie together always makes me want to feel like taking the slime off me. yuck! Now he and Ava are great together, although him sleeping with a married woman makes him a dirty mistress too and in definite no position to judge George and Izzie who have a love and bond way stronger than Alex and Ava and at least callie and George don't have a child together, LOL. So Alex is a dirty mistress on top of all his other huge faults and he judges people, LOL. I think Shonda was having fun showing how much of an hypocrit he was by having him doing Ava right the episode after his little lecture, and I love how Shonda said Izzie was SO SO over Alex, LOL. Gizzie forever!


OK, I so wanted Izzie to tell Alex yes I had sex with O


Oh please, Alex's reaction was not about truth, it was all about his precious ego getting bruised because Izzie never loved him and she is so in love with George. I loved her answer to his question why not him, why George and she said because she fell in love with George. That was why she slept with George because she loves him and she doesn't love Alex, now that has got to hurt. Alex is so pathetic around Izzie, like a dog who keeps getting kicked by her but keeps going back. The funny thing is despite all of Alex's abd words about George, I think he is jealous of him. Olivia dumped Alex for George and while she loevd the sex with Alex, George is the one she fell hard for. Same with Izzie, the sex with Alex was good but she fell hard for Denny then seemingly even harder for George. Not only that but according to Shonda, ehr sex with george was the best sex Izzie ever had in her life, LOL, so even in his so-called speciality department (because let's face it, Alex is good in bed and nothing much else), George beat him. George had a great family who adored him, Alex didn't. George could fish, Alex's couldn't. George punched him real hard one time and held his own really well in the camp fight, so he doesn't even have George beaten in this regard. George did fail his exams, but Alex ahd failed before. George made fun shortly of Alex but then helped him pass the exam, proving he was the better man. Alex gave him to the others and made fun of him, he got Lexie disgusted at him and the others feeling sympathy for George and still respecting him. George did the open heart surgery in an elevator, Alex froze like a chicken. George had the courage to redo his internship at SGH. He didn't have to, according to the new ABC profiles, Mercy West still wanted George as an intern and sent him a letter begging him to come to their hospital saying they admired his courage, integrity and perseverance, so even while failing, George still was respected by his peers. George goes against everything Alex's dad taught him about being a so-called real man, he ahs the same shallow expectations of what a real man is than his dad and some shallow viewers and critics of the show do, but in the end, George got three gorgeous girls to fall for him, is loved by people and patients and always survive. And Alex looks quite pathetic in comparison. The only explanation I can find why some people love him is because he is supposedly so HAWT, but I find cruel insecure guys like him quite ugly.


maybe he's giving her too much and she can't handle all the love


i am so confused...okay... so the last episode had Gimore GIrls guy in it yes...but not richard and his wife!?!?! so what episode am i on???? the last oen i saw had richard do some weird experiment procedure with sloan. what episode am i on!?!? help!!


Phylicia Rashad...I don't know how to make it happen but she should be on the show as chief's new love interest. It's time for her to step out of the the Cosby mom image and show her true range and talent.


For number 5 I agree with iheartizzie. I think its not enough for her now because along with everything else in her life him not picking her back then broke her a little too. He just needs to give her a little time to heal. Plus if she didn't love him she wouldn't have stuck around for this long. All she needis is some time. DerMer 4 life!!!

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Grey's Anatomy Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

I want to marry you. I want to have kids with you. I want to build us a house. I want to settle down and grow old with you. I want to die when I'm 110 years old, in your arms. I don't want 48 uninterrupted hours. I want a lifetime. Mmm. Do you see what happens? I say things like that and you fight the urge to run in the opposite direction. It's okay, I understand. I didn't, but now I do, I do. You're just getting started and I've been doing this for a long time now. Deep down, you're still an intern, and you're not ready.


People are stupid and just want to be loved. That's the only reason anyone does anything.


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