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Sandra Oh, New Boyfriend Out For a Ride

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Is love in the air? Grey's Anatomy star Sandra Oh walks with new musician boyfriend Andrew Featherston through the streets of Los Feliz on Sunday...

Andrew Featherston

Andrew Featherson is a percussionist in the indie band The Hereafter. While she has been separated since 2005, Sandra Oh officially divorced writer / director Alexander Payne just last Thursday. Here's hoping she's happy!

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Beautiful site!


Incredible site!




Sandra is beautiful, outside and inside and his boyfriend must be too if she has shoose him. You are the ones with hideous minds which don't allow you to see this.


hmmm...Payne was okay but I don't know what happened..but that guy..he does have lotsa hair..but I hope they're happy.


Um, she divorced him not the other way around. She filed for divorce.


I guess Alexander Payne got sick of waking up to her hideous face.


OK, yeah. I agree about the shaver. She should consider getting him one for an early Christmas present.


i don't think alexander payne was 'bad' at all. besides, he's an oscar winner. this guy though. somebody get him a shaver.


Ok she went from bad to worse butI really hope she is happy I am not trying to hate but I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I hope she is happy and ihope he makes her happy

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