Scott Porter Attends Nebraska-Texas A&M Game

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Scott Porter at Nebraska GameIt wasn't the lights of Friday night, but the sun of Saturday afternoon.

Scott Porter, who plays former quarterback Jason Street on the NBC football drama Friday Night Lights, wore a Maurice Purify jersey to last Saturday's Nebraska game against Texas A&M.

The young actor took a break from his Friday Night Lights filming schedule to take in agame with his family.

"I'm going to make it a yearly journey," Scott Porter said.

Scott Porter managed to squeeze in the weekend match while filming the 12th episode of 22 installments for Friday Night Lights' second season.

The first and last time he had the chance to watch a Nebraska game was last year, when the Huskers went up against Missouri.

The 28-year-old Porter was born in Omaha and has been a Nebraska fan since his childhood. He says he became a fan of the Huskers' wide receiver, Maurice Purify, after the Texas-Nebraska game last year, which he saw in a bar in Austin. Porter remembers how Purify broke away for a long TD in that game.

Porter himself was a wide receiver in high school, so playing an athlete on Friday Night Lights comes quite naturally to him.

Friday Night Lights continues to suffer tough ratings, even as stars like Porter maintain their pride for it, while recognizing its limitations.

"I don't think it's a show that will follow kids to college," he said. "I don't think it's a [Beverly Hills] 90210. We're just a genuine, honest show. It's about the town of Dillon, and I think once people leave Dillon, you're not going to follow them for an extended length of time."

Still, for now, Scott Porter is ready to milk the experience of starring on Friday Night Lights for all it's worth.

"I'll take it as long as I can get it," Porter said of portraying 17-year old Jason Street on the program. "As long as I can play young, I will."

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