TV Guide Reveals Major Grey's Anatomy Spoiler

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Grey's Anatomy Spoiler
Presumably, New York Magazine wryly observes, a magazine about TV would be aware that one of the reasons people like TV is surprise - the twists and turns of their favorite shows.

While some love their Grey's Anatomy spoilers (for reasons unknown to us), most would like to remain at least somewhat in the dark.

It's a little surprising, then, that TV Guide decided to reveal a huge Grey's Anatomy spoiler on its new cover. Actually, that's too generous. They flat-out gave away a major development.

It'd be one thing to spoil it inside the magazine. This site won't show the full cover until after the jump. But to give away the plot on the cover â€" the only part of TV Guide many people might see - seems a tad ridiculous. But what's done is done.

If you like, follow the jump to see the cover in question. We've even kept it out of our Grey's Anatomy photo gallery so as not to give it away to fans ...

A Grey's Anatomy Spoiler

Presenting Alex and Ava! Or is it Rebecca Pope? Whatever you call Elizabeth Reaser's character, you can't deny the chemistry she and Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) had last season. Now, it appears she's back to "seal the deal!"

We knew Elizabeth Reaser had signed back on for more episodes of the show, but this spoiler goes a tad far. Nonetheless, we look forward to seeing the drama unfold when Rebecca / Ava / Jane Doe returns to Seattle Grace.


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OMG noooooooo alex and izzie belong together ava was soo annoying and what about mer?der they should settle down or even better ( meredith with dereks baby) cant wait for rest of season!!!!! I hate callie


So, I really want to make it clear that Alex and Izzie BELONG together....Alex and Ava....NO way! Alex and Izzie might be like opposites but that might also be just one of the reasons why they are so LOVABLE and look so CUTE and ADORABLE together! PS: Does Shonda or other Grey's production staff read this, I hope they do so we, fans, can have a say!


I also agree in some suggestions about love triangles! Firstly, I would really like to make it clear that Gizzie is PURE DISGUSTING! They really can't do it but Alex and Izzie....they are #1!!!!! I really want Gizzie to get out of the picture and then a love triangle can start between Mark, Alex and Izzie!(like what maureen said) Alex and Mark actually know each other quite well because Alex was once his intern... It'll be interesting to see what happens at the end but it should really end with Alex and Izzie together! Also, Alex and Izzie should have like a one night know? Then, that'll make some interesting storyline and make Grey's more exciting! Recently, really tired of mer/der, the first time of their on and off relationship was really interesting but now it's getting way too boring! On and off, on and off....when will it stop?! Will they ever SETTLE DOWN?!


Ok, I really thought that it was going to be Derek and Lexie and I was like so SCARED! Well, GREAT that it is'nt but i don't really want Alex and Ava to be together! I really want Alex and Izzie to be together!!!!! Please Shonda, PLEASE! They look so cute together and the last epi or at least the last few epis, ALEX and IZZIE seem to have kind of shown that they have not got over each other just yet! Well, after reading other comments, i found that at least some people agree about Izzie and Alex!


this is not really a spoiler. it was obvious it was going to happen. im glad though, it will make for some interesting developments.


This is Alex and Ava.I saw the picture in


NO MORE WEDDINGS. PLEASE. The first one (Derek/Addie) had me shocked, the second (George/Callie) had me smiling (then disappointed) and the last one (you know) had me crying and I don't want another wedding on any of my favourite shows! Not for a very, very long time, anyway -- even if it's a Mer/Der one. SO NO MORE WEDDINGS, PLEASE SHONDA? And why does it look so posed and everything? O_O Unless this was photoshopped I really don't think that this is really a "spoiler". I'm pretty sure Shonda has it mapped out and it doesn't include another wedding. Geez, GA can make even weddings dark and twisty.


oh, that's cute. :) I actually thought Alex will have something to do with LExie, because you know, the elevator thing where they always talk and joke etc. but yes, Ava was a huge surprise. a good one, of course. :)


Nice, I hate spoilers, but this one I like... Alex is a good guy he deserves to be happy.
Thank god it wasn't Derek and Lexie... I miss Addie... But can see Private Practice even if it is not nearly as good as GA.


I hope they don't make it sleazy and make a love triangle with Meridith ,McDreamy,Lexie where is the sisiterhood code of honor no going where your sister have gone before....Let's make a love triangle between McSteamy, Izzie, and Alex now that would really be steamy maybe Izzie can give McSteamy more depth in his character maybe they can have a one night stand that ends up with a baby.....

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