A Movie Stop for Katherine Heigl, T.R. Knight

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Fans may be split (see our Insider poll) over whether they like or dislike T.R. Knight and Katherine Heigl as lovers on Grey's Anatomy, but the pair of stars who portray Drs. George O'Malley and Izzie Stevens sure are best buds off the set.

Katherine, T.R.

Here's a candid photo of Katie Heigl and T.R. Knight at Arclight Theaters in Hollywood Monday night, when the components of "Gizzie" enjoyed many laughs as they stopped to sign autographs for fans and pose for the cameras.

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absolutely love pics like this! they are too cute!


If they are inseparable where was she for the AIDS walk? OR does TR split his time between Sara Ramirez and Katherine Heigel?


omg...yess. i'm thinking tht George is getting hotter each season! and T.R. is A Hottie in real life ok! dunno...but i like him being so adorable and sweet. soft faced guys always get my attention...:) It is so true that all the GoODguys are either Married or Gays! sighs...but
I love seeing Katie and T.R. together like this, being best buds. so so cute together! always makes me smile. to see em.
Their chemistry is due to their friendship in real life...cause i am supporting Gizzie for life!! love that couple to death!


omg, i just love those two together, the look so sweet! i just hope katherine keeps it that way once she's married... i'm a bit worried. :/


T.R.'s adorable. But what the hell with the sandals... Anyways! Love it.


Lemily, he's always been good looking. He just looks even better now cause his hair is cut.


Is it just me or has TR Knight all of the sudden gotten seriously hott?!


omigoddd.. they are the cutest! seriously! adorable!


aww, omg...those two are inseperable!! they are so so cute together in real life..and also on screen playing George and Izzie! i love both of them...my fav characters on Greys anatomy. I am rooting for Gizzie to work out and those two have SERIOUS chemistry!
ahah...hopefully the bad or as george says, "Horrible Sex with Izzie" would turn out to be a slight hitch and they will end up resolving tht issue. Izzie is trying to hard to please george...tht it ends up bad! I hope they finally have great sex.
Gizzie 4 eva.

Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around; Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow."

Meredith (closing voiceover)

Derek: I wanna be with you forever, and you wanna be with me forever. In order to do that we need to make vows. A commitment. A contract. Give me a piece of paper.
Meredith: I don't! I... I... I don't. I have post its!
Derek: (takes the post its and a pen) Ok. What do we wanna promise each other?
Meredith: That you'll love me... even when you hate me.
Derek: To love each other, even when we hate each other. (writes it down) No running. Ever! (Mer smiles and comes and sits in front of him) Nobody walks out. No matter what happens.
Meredith: No running.
Derek: (writes it down) What else?
Meredith: That we'll take care of each other, even when we're old, and smelly, and senile. And... if I get Alzheimer's and forget you...
Derek: I will remind you who I am, every day. To take care when old, senile, and smelly (writes it down) This is forever. (signs it) Sign.
Meredith: This is our wedding. A post it? (smiles)
Derek: Mhmmm. If you sign it.
Meredith: (signs it, and hands it back. Has tears in her eyes) Now what?
Derek: Now I kiss the bride. (They kiss)
Meredith: (smiling) Married.
Derek: (smiling) Married. (sticks their post it in Mer's locker) You see that? (Mer nods and smiles) Plenty of time.