As the World Turns Spoiler, Rumor: Paul Leyden to Return

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The following As the world Turns spoiler was taken from the show's message board, without a source cited, so take it with a grain of salt:

Look for the character of Simon Frasier (Paul Leyden, pictured) to reappear in late December. While bo official air date has been released, Simon is reportedly coming back to admit his wrongdoings and face the consequences of his actions.


From there, he won't be able to decide which woman he wants to be wit: Carly or Katie. But do they even want him back?

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I think it would be great for Simon to return, maybe Jack would rethink getting married. I would like for Carly to be in a triangle that doesn't includes a married man.


Creativity is dead...soaps have gone into reruns and I can't tell the difference anymore... What year is it anyway?
Simon and Lily, Simon and Katie, Simon and Carly...Try Lily again, she's free
Now all we need is one to go into a coma...OOPS - Roseanna took that one again....Barbara screws up a relationship with a son...OOPS - happening....Emily going after a younger guy...Oh yeah, happening, like mom before her and Margo's mom before her....
You need another murder 'cause this repeat and rehash is killin' me

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