Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick Talk Style, Girls

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A couple cute boys from Gossip Girl recently spoke to the blog Stylehive about their fashion choices.

Check out what Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick had to say:

Stylehive: What's it been like working on Gossip Girl?
Chace Crawford: It's an unreal experience, it's been phenomenal. We're all best friends on the cast, so it's a lot of fun.

Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick
Stylehive: What do you think it is about the show that makes it so popular right now?
CC: It was created by Josh Schwartz, who created The OC, who knows teen style very well, knows the lingo very well. I feel like there's no weak links as far as the acting goes. Plus it's based on the books, obviously, that were mega hits.

Stylehive: When did you get into acting? I seems like you kind of popped up out of nowhere!
CC: (Laughs) I went to school at Pepperdine. I did a year and switched majors a few times, so I just wanted to take a semester off and get my bearings. And I sort of fell into a little acting during that time. So I started trying it, loved it, and sort of worked my way up, and it's been going good ever since.
Stylehive: What do you think about the fashion on the show?

CC: It's pretty insane, isn't it? These girls are wearing like these $10,000 jackets to school, $25,000 watches - all this craziness that we have. It's insane! The guys stuff is pretty classic- I mean I'm going sailing every episode! So it's preppy, but it's good! It's really sharp. The suits are my favorite; I get to wear some pretty cool suits.

Stylehive: What brings you here?
Ed Westwick: It's a good chance to check out some stuff from Reebok, it's a British brand, so why not? I always used to wear the Reebok classics, the old ones.

Stylehive: Fashion plays a major role on Gossip Girl. Are you into fashion at all?
EW: Yeah, it's a big part of the show. The whole budget goes on the clothes! Personally, from my point of view, it's hard to avoid fashion these days. It's hard not to be a part of it.

Stylehive: You play quite a character on the show. Are you anything like him in real life?
EW: Well I've been asked that before, and I said NO! But in truth, I think everyone's a little bit mean sometimes. We all know good from bad and we're all sometimes bad when we wanna be. I mean money can spoil you. Maybe we can blame it on the parents. Why not?

Stylehive: So in terms of girls, what do you think makes a girl look sexiest?
EW: I'm sort of into the whole indie rock and roll thing, like if a girl holds her own and does her own thing. I'm not into the over-loud over-vibrant, trying to take everyone's eye in the club. I'm more into a subtle dynamic, someone who knows what they're doing, you know?

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I think he's OK for cuteness but I like him more cause he doesn't seem that arrogant. At least not as arrogant as a lot of other cute actors are. And yeah he IS hot whether I want to admit it or not. And that person who says his name is Ed Westwick ISN'T really him right? I doubt it. Sure would be cool if it was though.




Ed,I love you so much!
u re such a sexy guy !


hey losers


Thanks Justjoanne for the comment...yes you might think that this is just a guy or girl trying to be cool and making a fake account but it's not
anyways love ya bitches!!!!


yum Ed yum Ed.


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