Classic Friday Night Lights: "Pantherama!"

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"Pantherama!" may have been the best episode of Friday Night Lights' Season 2 so far. Here's the beginning part below. Follow the link to our video section and watch the rest in its entirety! It's certainly worth an encore.


As always, you can discuss "Pantherama!" and all things Friday Night Lights in the Insider's forum! We welcome comments and viewpoints from all fans.

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Friday Night Lights Quotes

Please don't sleep with my sister Tim, that's like incest.


We will all at some time in our lives, fall. Life is so very fragile, we are all vulnerable, and we will all at some point in our lives, fall, we will all fall.
We must carry this in our hearts, that what we have is special, that it can be taken from us, and that when it is taken from us, we will be tested. We will be tested to our very souls. We will all be tested.
It is these times, it is this pain, that allows us to look inside ourselves.

Eric Taylor

Friday Night Lights Music

  Song Artist
Muzzle-of-bees Muzzle of Bees Wilco iTunes
Song Evergreen The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Song Bang a Gong (Get it On) T. Rex
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