Dr. Bailey to Pinch-Hit as Episode 11 Narrator

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There's no new episode tonight, but Michael Ausiello of TV Guide reports an interesting Grey's Anatomy spoiler pertaining to Episode 11 of Season Four.

Earlier this week, we posted an article about the use of voiceover narration on Grey's Anatomy and other shows. As we know, Meredith Grey does the honors, with a few notable exceptions. One of which is coming up in Episode 11.

The new narrator for this episode is not Callie, as some speculated earlier in the week. It is Dr. Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson), and there's a reason behind her filling in for Meredith â€" and as you might expect, it isn't a pretty reason.

Tough Love

Does something serious happen to Dr. Bailey? Ausiello writes:

"Physically? No. Emotionally? Yes. Let's just say that random scene last week of Bailey at home with her husband and kid will make more sense when Episode 11 airs."

The conclusion of last week's Thanksgiving Day episode, "Crash Into Me, Part II," airs next week, December 6. That episode will be Episode 10 of Season 4. The week after that, December 13, "Lay Your Hands On Me" (Episode 11) will air.

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"and there's a reason behind her filling in for Meredith â€" and as you might expect, it isn't a pretty reason." At a closer reading, do you think something is going to happen to Meredith!!!??? Is she going to leave the show after Derek and Rose got together?? omg.


I think Callie's going to tell George that she's pregnant.


! believe that bailey and tucker split. i think she realises her family means more to her than her job and she unfortunately ends up leaving the hospital. i think thats why she narates ep 11. she was there when the chief went through his marital problems....i think she's to intellegent to let her family fall apart. I also think someone in her immediate family does have some kind of medical drama.


I am so thrilled that Dr. bailey is going to narrate epsiode 11. Can't waite till Derek or Alex narrates an epsiode.


i think that tucker and miranda are going to get a divorce. or, he is just going to tell her that maybe he thinks they should seperate. sad, yes, but perhaps the wake up call that she needs to put her family first once and a while and not make the same mistake that richard did. as for Chandra narrating that episode, i think that is just great! she is such a strong character and a great personality, that i think she will be good for the narration!


I just spelt it wrong thats all I spelt it with an O instead of an A.


Debs, I think that you are trying to say narrate. I am not sure what norating is, but I am sure that it is not what you are referring to.


In ep. 411, is what I meant to say.


I think that something will happen to Tucker Jr.


iheartizzie, ep. 411 will air in january

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