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Growing up. It's hard to do. Some of us pull it off and others find that we aren't so far removed from high school after all. That was the theme of last night's episode, "Forever Young." Relive all of the action in the Insider's official episode guide!

We've also posted last night's Grey's Anatomy music selections, with lyrics, and a photo gallery that is also live for your enjoyment. We are still in the process of pulling together our list of memorable quotes from the episode. They should be up throughout the day today and tomorrow. Check back with us often!

An Old Friend

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    GA Fan, I totally agree with you. I have been giving this new love interest a lot of thought, and as I said a few days ago, I think it is time for Derek and Meredith to go their separate ways. It pains me, and it hurts me, but I honestly see no other way. They need to grow up. Both of them. Meredith has "issues", especially abandonment issues, and it doesn´t matter that Derek says he cannot leave her, he already has. Several times. He keeps hurting her, but it ends up being her fault, because she can´t commit to him. Are you serious? And I was thinking that eventhough I am convinced that they have to break up, I am not so sure that Derek has to date. I mean, is that logical? To break up with "the love of your life" and think "Who I am going out with next?" He told her he is willing to wait for her BUT what if someone comes along in the meantime, and is willing and able to give him what he wants from her? I mean, what does he want, a family and a wife, or Meredith? Because if he wants her (since he can´t leave her) why is he assuming she will never be able to give him what he wants and why would he inmediately start looking for "it" someplace else? I mean, I found that whole speech condecending and selfish, but if he means the "I love you" part, why would he "need to start dating"? If he wants her, he should fight for her, not go find someone else or hook up with someone while meredith makes up her mind. Right? I thoght that he should be alone for a while, at least to examine his relationship with Meredith, his plans for the future. I don´t know, really. I feel like I ´m not making much sense, but that´s what I feel. They are distroying this show with so many "issues". I love Meredith being dark and twisty, I love Cristina being cold and unfeeling. But these characters grow because that is not all they are; they are learning that is not really true, that they are not what they once thought they were. Not only. Like Alex. Even George and Izzie. Izzie, who prays because she commited a sin, but is not really sorry. Or George, the good guy gone bad. Alex, who is still not willing to accept that he deserves to be happy, that he is a good guy at the core. In my opinion, there should be a line. A line where it all stops. The bottom line. Some of these characters have already reached the bottom. They cannot sink any lower. They need to start climbing back to the surface. This show is great, but it needs some fresh air, no more misery. The change was gonna come, but it never did. Where are the fun and games? No more S & M, because it stopped being sex and mockery and started being sadism & masoquism.


    The Mer Der Love story in their own words…. Mer to Der: But Derek, I love you… in a really, really big… pretend to like your taste in music, let you eat the last piece of cheesecake, hold a radio over my head outside your window, unfortunate way that makes me hate you love you. So pick me. Choose me. Love me. Mer to Der: "You wouldn't be you if you weren't trying to make it work. That means I wasn't wrong about you." Mer to Der: " When I met you, I thought I had found the person I was going to spend the rest of my life with. I was done. So all the boys, and all the bars, and the obvious daddy issues, who cared? Because I was done. You left me. You chose Addison. I'm all glued back together now. I make no apologies for how I chose to repair what YOU broke. You don't get to call me a whore." Mer to Addi: "How did you know Derek was the one…..I want him to be the one ---- He hurt me when he chose you" Der to Mer: "You deserve to be with someone that can make you happy, someone that won't complicate your life, that won't hurt you. Finn's the better guy Mer â€" I'm walking away". Der to Mer: Don't you see, don't you understand â€" you're the love of my life â€" I can't leave U but U're constantly leaving me â€" U walk away when U want, U come back when you want- not everyone, not U're friends but you leave me. So I'm asking you if you're not in this, if you don't see a future for us please, just end it cuz I can't I'm in it â€" Put me out of my misery." Der to Mark: Mer has a right to be damaged... Her mom never wanted her and her dad was never man enough to stick around. She wants this but doesn't know how to have it. Her best friend gets left at the alter and all she sees now is that things like this don't work out." Der to Mer: It's ok â€" I understand, I didn't but I do now. You're just getting started and I've been doing this for a long time. Deep down you're still an intern and you're not ready. Der to Mer: Maybe you'll get ready and I'll wait, I'll wait until you're ready. But what If while I'm waiting I meet someone that is willing to offer me what I want from you. Mer to Der: When I drowned it was different for you than it was for me. Something happened to me and I can't explain it without sounding so… but I feel different, I wanna be better at everything and I want to let U in. I promise …… Mer to Cris: "I can't stop seeing Der â€" It's not about the sex, it's about that moment afterword when the world stops and I feels safe sooo safe. I'm not ready to give that up." Pull the stitchesâ€" no anesthesia. Get it over with already. Just End it! Like Ross and Rachel, Sam and Diane, Carrie and Mr. Big-- in time they will come back to eachother. So bring on Rose.... get Der back in the saddle.


    i don't like where this is going!!! the new nurse and Derek xchanging looks as he took Mer out of the bar. I DON'T like this!


    i don't like where this is going!!! the new nurse and Derek xchanging looks as he took Mer out of the bar. I DON'T like this!


    i don't like where this is going!!! the new nurse and Derek xchanging looks as he took Mer out of the bar. I DON'T like this!


    We all know Mer's 'intimacy' and 'abandonment' issues and she's working on them but as Nancy observed in S3 Derek has problems of his own.... 'You're still running in circles around all the women in your life, but that's to be expected with four sisters and a dead dad... Derek, can you even remember the last time you were alone? You've never been single, ever! I mean,you're fine,but you're not happy. And you're not gonna get happy until you get some space Just get away from addie,away from the intern,just away-- Figure out what you want' Der's having an identity crisis - he always defines himself in relation to others - a brother, a husband, a boyfriend but Never just as Derek (the geeky band player that has become a successful surgeon) He needs to believe in himself, be comfortable in his own skin, deal with his 'baggage" and not just keep it together on the outside as Mark observed. If you recall the one thing he liked about Mer is that she was fiesty and that she called him out on things - kept him on his toes and didn't buy into the whole 'dreamy brain surgeon bit' - she was willing to get to know 'him' not the NY uppermiddleclass profile but 'him' - the flannel wearing, trailer owning, bad breath having - 'him'. She showed him that he doesn't have to be perfect- he just has to accept who he is.


    I liked last episode!! It's been a while we had an 'emotional' episode like this.
    *What's wrong with the Gizzie storyline? I think it's good they realize they match better as friends then lovers.
    *About Cristina: I feel like the last time, she's becoming kinda 'bitchy', don't you think?
    * Bailey is such a good actress! The old nazi is back! I loved the scens with her old boyfriend, and the scene with Derek.
    * Last but not least: I looved the Merder scenes! Patrick is such an amazing actor!! He can look so cute and pathetic, like when he had to tell the girl that her friend would never wake up again... And when Mer took his hand.. Or the scene with Sidney, where he's watching Mer.. The look in his face.. No one can do like Dempsey!!! Mer & Der are the only real chemistry couple and I would hate it if they would split up forever!!!


    the only thing i really didn't really enjoy about yesterday was the relationships that nvr seem to work out!! i know this is greys but c'mon give us r/s shippers some thing to look forward 2!! MER/DER is like coming to an end and rose will probably butt in and take derek away from meredith. and Gizzie....i'm still rooting for those two!! i am a huge gizzie fan...and i think its stupid tht after all the hype and the romantic moments and painful obstacles tht they had to go through to get here, the writers are just gonna let them have trouble in the first week of being a couple!! its george and izzie...they shouldn't be having any difficulty being together. they know each other inside and out and IN LOve with each other!! I was so disappointed tht the gizzie ship wasn't lookin too good last week and this week, i was aching when i watched the ep...cause they weren't talking!! but now...i'm quite happy about the ending scene, when George was sitting at meredith's house and talked to izzie bout their problem! they both feel the same way...they want their bf back! and izzie said, "i'm IN LOVE with an incredible GUY!" *take tht gizziehaters!* yesss....she is still much IN LOVE with george, and he is too!! its so clear. but they just have some things to work through...and communications/friendship needs to be worked through now! Gizzie is amazing....and i hope and wish they contine to be a couple!! :) thts the only reason i watch greys every week religiously!!!