Heidi Montag in New Issue of Blender

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Dressed like a ho and holding a hose, The Hills' Heidi Montag is featured in the upcoming issue of Blender (with Jay-Z on the cover). We think that's a music magazine - and we all know Heidi Montag is nothing if not a serious artist.

Oh yeah. Feast your eyes on this hot, blonde, mostly-fake body ...

Heidi Montag in Blender

  Heidi Montag: So shameless, so annoying... and so addictive.

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So her boobs are fake...who cares? The rest of her body is smokin' HOT and she looks great. It kills me that Lauren fans want to bring her down when she's, in fact, smarter, better looking, and more faithful than Lauren could ever be. My kid sister watches this show and used to love Lauren till I broke it down for her. Lauren's a joke. Heidi's great.