Heroes Caption Contest XVII

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As always, we appreciate all the submissions to this week's Heroes Caption Contest. For this edition, a majority focused on Zachary Quinto's immediate future: playing Spock in the upcoming Star Trek movie.

But the winning response came from "Giri," who combined the writers' strike and Sylar topless.

Take a look at the most humorous entry below the picture and remember to come back and play every week. The next winner might be... YOU!


Sylar: They told me to take my shirt off to compensate for the writer's strike.
Maya: QUE?

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Gabrial & Maya: [thinking] Mm..mm..mmm...Sylaricious


Maya= Why have you got pictures of a cheerleader for??? Sylar= Shut up woman or i'll use my death grip on you!!!


Sylar: HA!!! you blinked first. Maya: nooooo i am going to kill your hairy body


Silar: What do you mean your leaving me??? Is this because i have this scar?
I can remove it if you want
Maya: No im not leaving you, i just wanted to say you look hot in a towel


Sylar= Look into my eyes not below them or above them look into my eyes your under. Now when i count to 3 you are going pluck my hairs 1,2,3 your back in the room Maya= omg!!!!! you cheated on me. with the ladies of victoria's secrets!!! 3 minutes later Police= oh god. he has the spring catalouge


im gay and in love with hayden pannatire


Maya: Have you seen Alejandro?
Sylar: Yea, he's still in the shower. Maya: *Eyes widen (I-I didn't know Alejandro was...nevermind.
No wonder he kept me away from Gabriel. Sigh...)


this scar? oh that was when a crazy japanese guy stabbed me when I tryed to destroy the world, but now ive changed. I looooovvvvve u


damn women this is the mens bathroom


maya: whats that ticking?

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