Leighton Meester Likes Kissing Chace Crawford

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Here's a less than shocking statement from Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester: she likes kissing costar Chace Crawford.

"I'm Chace's girlfriend on the show," Meester told People magazine recently at a fund-raiser for model Petra Nemcova's Happy Hearts Foundation. "It's great."

Meester also denied knowledge of Crawford's real-life romance with country star Carrie Underwood ("I don't even know if he had one"). However, that doesn't mean she doesn't enjoy some on-screen makeout sessions with her costar.

"Of course, it's fun," Meester said. "He's soooo cute. It's definitely not hard."

It does, though, require some prep work:

"I make sure I don't have any lipstick on, so it doesn't go everywhere, even thought that could be hot. And to make sure to stay fresh, I chew gum."

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blair and nate are soooooo cute together their meant to be together, i didnt like blair and chuck together they were better when they would plot against people rather than be going out.


i wish they were 2 getha 4 real iswel man!!!!!!!!!!!


I loveeee blair and nate together...u dnt 4get ur first loves obv they r gonna get back together,,wel just have to wait and see!


i think they are meant to together. I don't like the part where
Chace Crawford kissed another girl. Blair and Nate are meant
to be together...


leighton and chace would make a really cute couple if ever that happened.
as for TV blair and nate... i love them as a couple too, but FOR NOW, they need to know just how much they mean to each other and become great friends before they get their shot at becoming a couple again... so that their relationship will last.


i think leighton and ed westwick look better together


I wish they would end up together for real. :-)


they definitely would be adorable together- but personally i like blair and chuck on and off set, leighton meester is so beautiful! i think that they play her down against blake because leighton is rreally so georgious!


they would be so cute together!


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