Patrick Dempsey: The "Enchanted" Action Figure

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Yes, it's true. Grey's Anatomy's leading man, Patrick Dempsey, has officially been immortalized as a 12-inch action figure - and not as Dr. Derek Shepherd, but as his character, Robert, from the new Disney romantic comedy Enchanted.

The doll is a toy tie-in with Dempsey's Enchanted character and finds him dressed in a black suit and trench coat - with the trademark McDreamy hair of course.

Rachael Ray played with the Robert doll on her talk show last week, with Patrick Dempsey's Enchanted co-star, Amy Adams, appearing on the program and confirming that the actor is a great kisser. Who here is surprised?

Patrick Dempsey Portrait

ABOVE: The real Patrick Dempsey and a doll of his character, Robert, from the new animated / live-action film Enchanted. One of which you can take home!

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Where can i find this doll?


I have bought the doll. He's so cute ;-)))
Hope that they will make GA cast dolls. That would be so cool.


Loved the movie! Very funny and of course PD is very hot! If I buy the doll and wave a magic wand over it, will it magically turn into the REAL Patrick/Robert???????? (then it would be worth any price!)


the doll is cute but I can't tell if it looks like him or not. Either way I don't think that's going to stop people from buying it.


I just happened to be home for that Rachael Ray and just for the sake of being correct in print, Amy Adams said Will Ferrell was a great kisser, Patrick wasn't mentioned under that topic. The promo however did lead you to believe that she was talking about McDreamy, but not so.




OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont want it I MUST have this doll. I am 13, but I will sleep with it beside my bed every night. LOL


Oh. My. Gosh. I totally want that doll now. That is going to be on my christmas wishlist! I am 17, and I know that sounds immature. But hey, can't beat a McDreamy doll. My friend, who went to the movie with me, will prolly laugh her head off at me. Honestly, I. Don't. Care. XD


I love the doll of Patrick. He was so funny on GMA talking about it. I gotta say, I'd love to have his doll as well and I'm in my 40's! (ha)


So cool!!! The doll have been on auction on eBay a couple of times.


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