Patrick Dempsey: The "Made of Honor" Poster

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Below is the official movie poster for Patrick Dempsey's film, Made of Honor, due out next year. It looks good ... well, how can it not be, with this guy in it, right?

Made of Honor Poster

Who wouldn't want to marry Patrick Dempsey?

The film seems to be kind of set up like My Best Friend's Wedding, but reversed, as it revolves around a guy (Dempsey) who after finding out his best friend plans to marry and live overseas, accepts an invitation to be her "maid" of honor in hopes he can stop the wedding and convince her to marry him instead.

As much as we love him on Grey's Anatomy, it's great to see Patrick Dempsey making a big-screen comeback with Enchanted and Made of Honor, as well.

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He is so Hot!! I can't take it!!! I can't wait for Grey's Anatomy to come back on!!!!


i don't know if anybody has said this, but if you to to the made of honor website, you can put your picture in the poster next to patrick demsey, where the girl is. i did it for my friend as a joke.


Went to a preview audience of Made To Order - GREAT MOVIE!! Both my husband and I LOVED IT!! Hope that they don't make too many changes because it was wonderful as-is.


OMG!!! i cannot wait to see this movie and Enchanted!!!! he looks soooo... dreamy on the poster for Maid of Honor and dancing in the commercials for Enchanted!!! like i said i can't wait to see them!!! P-demp is soooo... HOT!!! :) Grey's Rules!! SERIOUSLY!!!


Hey every one if you want to see some SERIOUSLY HOT photos of our Paddy at the enchanted premier go to just jared.


Look at that face! Look at that hair! And he's the second sexiest man in America? Are they nuts? That man could melt ice in the winter!


WOW! He looks so great!!!!!!!!!!!


omg!! the movie is coming out MAY 2008!! that's such a long time from now!! ugghh!! anyways my birthday is in May soo yaay!!


He looks SO dalm SEXY on the post. I´m sorry to say i don´t like his hair but i LOVE himin a tux. I sSERIOUSLY can´t wait to see the movie. Enchanted is in the movies in the u.s. on Saturday. It doesn´t come out hear in Ireland till Dec 12th GERR.


He looks gRRRReat in the photo. *swoon* Who's the girl, though?


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I miss my dad.