Pushing Daisies Caption Contest V

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Welcome to the fifth Pushing Daisies Caption Contest.

Last week, we received a handful of funny entries. Read through them all, and find out the winner, right now.

Think you have what it takes to make us laugh the hardest this time? Okay, then take a look at the picture below, as we give the Emerson a chance to shine.

What is Emerson saying right now? Who is he talking to?

Be creative and let us know by clicking on the headline above (Pushing Daisies Caption Contest V), scrolling down and coming up with the wittiest entry you can think of. Post as many times as you'd like.

Captions will go live instantly and the winner will be announced next week. Good luck!


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Emerson: Does Olive Know You Stole Her Hat?


Emerson: *Finger Pointed* He Touched Him!
Chuck: You're So Childish
Emerson: I Wish He'll Touch You!


Emerson: *Finger Pointed* He touched him!
Chuck: You're So Childish!
Emerson: Says The Green Imp


Emerson: Sorry Coroner, The Leprachaun Next To Me Tricked Me And Stole My Rent
Coroner: Um-Hmm


a leperchaun called...he wants his outfit back


Emerson: Yes? Who is this? The National Knitters Association?? My membership has been canceled? But WHY? BECAUSE I DROPPED A STITCH?


Chuck: I know the glasses are a bit big...
Emerson: You think that the glasses are whats wrong with the outfit?


Emerson: Yes, I'd like to speak with the Jolly Green Giant? I've found Sprout.


Emerson:hey babe...yeah..I'm free...
Chuck: em, just stop. We both know that no woman would call a guy who knits.


Emerson: The lucky charms guy called he wants his outfit back.


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