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As the reality of the current writers' strike begins to hit home to various TV shows, here's the latest update on Pushing Daises:

Its season may be coming to an end a lot sooner than we had hoped.

TV Guide's Michael Ausiello is reporting that creator Bryan Fuller informed him that "the show's ninth episode — the last one for which a script is written — can function as a season finale in the event the strike extends into the new year and beyond."

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"As we were scrambling to rewrite [Episode 9]," Fuller said, "we added several elements that will put many balls into the air and hopefully encourage the audience to come back and see how they land."

Sounds intriguing... but sad. We hope the writers and networks can work out a solution and end this strike quickly.

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My sister and I (mid-late twenties) don't own a tv but we wait like impatient little kids for thursdays so we can it see it online. There's a whole demographic of us that depend on these shows being posted on network sites so we don't have to watch slow-to-load, stolen episodes via sites like TV-links. Why prepare to leave your writers completely high and dry when the tide moves to digital and online format completely? I think they should strike until next December if that's what it takes to get a fair cut, but I'm going to be overwhelmingly upset if they only air 9 episodes. What a waste.


As long as they bring it back for another "season". I will be seriously pissed if they use the strike as an excuse to kill the show completely.


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