Pushing Daisies Spoilers: Season Finale Clues

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Emerson Cod PictureAs previously reported, the writers' strike may cause the ninth episode of Pushing Daisies to serve as this season's finale.

We've wiped our tears away long enough to check out TV Guide and report on Bryan Fuller's preview of that episode. He recently told TV critic Michael Ausiello:

Realizing that our ninth episode may be our last for a while if the strike goes on, we amped up the story to have as many balls in the air as possible."

One of those balls will involve that wee little secret Ned's been keeping from Chuck, which comes out later this month and causes "things to go haywire" in the finale, according to Fuller.

In that same episode, a surprising link between Chuck and another character will be revealed. And how it's revealed is as much of a jaw-dropper as the secret itself. (Hint: Think *a**l *a*n** circa 19*4.)

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I seriously can't figure out the astrick quiz. Boo

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