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Sneak Previews From "Crash Into Me, Part I"

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Wow, it looks like quite the episode scheduled for Thanksgiving night. In "Crash Into Me, Part I," the doctors are starting to unloading hurt patients out of an ambulance when another vehicle comes tearing around the bend...


Follow the jump for another sneak preview from this Grey's Anatomy "event," in which a patient does not want to be treated by Bailey... or by the Chief.

NOTE: Our apologies for those who had problems with the videos ... we figured out the problem and they should be working as of Wednesday morning.


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If there is any 'QAF' addicts out there - I cannot believe Gale Harold's got himself a racist part.... Grrrrrr... Yuck...


I thought Shonda Rhimes said that race was never going to be brought up on the show... I kind of liked it that way. It looks good, though.


That is exactly what happened. good detail Greys_crazed.


The 2nd video is about this white patient who is a perimedic. Bailey tries to treat him but he claims he wants a male Dr. to do so. The Cheif comes in and asks to examine the patient. He still refuses treatment and claims he'll wait for another Dr. to come. A look passes the Cheif's face as he realizes the patients wants to be treated by a white Dr. and not a Dr. of color like himself and Bailey.


Every time Rhonda runs out of ideas she comes up with somebody dying, an accident or someone coming from the past to haunt the kids...3rd season was ALL about using these tricks..honestly? I love the show, but it has become so predictable and so "heavy", I want the lightness and fun of the first two seasons back! Addison and Burke are being missed, and I dont think the show will hold that much longer as a hit...


When people said that race was not an issue in GA I think they ment the cast. I think they were refering to the fact that they were not going to replace actors or hire new ones according to their race. But to use racism in their stories? I see no harm in that. On the contrary. I think it is important for tv shows to be realistic. Racism is nowadays an issue around the world and we need to get rid of it. Talking about it can help. Shoving it in the closet, like Ellis´ ashes, will not. GA is controversial. I find no problem with that. None whatsoever.


i think it's good race is going to be discussed. that's real life. there are a lot of racist people in this world and bringing an actor in to portray that just makes the show more realistic in my eyes.


why shouldn't race be discussed in greys. Its life. And I can't view the videos' either. Arg


okay, someone really needs to fill us in on what happened in the second video since it is no longer available!! anyway, from the first video it seems like its gonna be a great episode!! :) but what r u guys talkin about with the whole race thing? oh, and go meredith, from the first video, she seems like the only one with her head on straight! Grey's Rules!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!! :)


yeah i can't get it either.. will someone who saw it tell us what happens please?