Tiffany Pollard: Keeping It Real

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Say what you want about Tiffany Pollard - and many people do - but the star of I Love New York claims she always keeps it real at least.

That's why she isn't always so pleasant on screen.

"I'm basically hard on those guys in the house because I don't want to put on a front. I don't wanna act like I'm sweet as humble pie 24 hours a day, when I know damn well that isn't the case with me, you know?  So I'd rather them see it now and be scared than to only see it later if I pick them.

I have to keep it real.  That's why I'm so hard on them," she said.

As for those that aren't fond of Pollard? New York calls them out, as well.

"I think that my haters are the biggest hypocrites because they are undercover New York lovers. They watch the show just as much as my fans.  They watch it every time it comes on and they could tell you the littlest details that the average person would miss.

So, obviously the haters definitely have their eyes on New York. I love my haters because obviously they love me," she said.

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New York is the type that says whats on her mind like me and thats what i like all this talk that they dnt like or or she did and she that man New York been real since she was on Flava Flave show so I dnt get what the trip is now she aint any different from when we first meet New York on Flava Flave.. But no disrespect to New Yorks mother but I feel that you should let ur gurl deside what she really wants...In words you can tell her who to pick but the question how does Tiffany feel about each one of theses guys you can hate them all you want but your gonna have to let Tiffany deside on her own....I dnt want you to think that i am telling you how to do your job as a mother but i am asking that you just let Tiffany do it on her own from time to time because Ms. Patterson you aint gonna be their all the time for her..


She is smarter than many people seem to think she is...way smarter.


I am Tiffany biggest fan everyone who doesnt like her are haters and jealous because she is comfortable being herself and stating how she feels.She isnt afraid to say what she wants and try to get it.She says what half of the women in america are scared to say She is the best.