Tim Kring Responds to Heroes Questions, Complaints

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Tim Kring is doing damage control. The Heroes creator recently spoke to TV Guide and actually acknowledged mistakes made in season two, while responding to questions from fans.

We're impressed. Here's the interview:

Will Mohinder ever have a power?
Not likely. "He's Mr. Science and was conceived to be the one guy in this vortex who does not have special abilities," Kring said. "We have no plans to change that."

Using His Head
Which is fine with Sendhil Ramamurthy:

"I'd be sorely disappointed if I got a power at this point — it would just be weird. But I wouldn't mind turning out to be the puppet master of this whole thing."

Will Hana (Stana Katic) ever be seen again? What about Claude (Christopher Eccleston)?
Though Israeli freedom fighter Hana died in outer space in a Heroes graphic novel last spring, her consciousness survives. "We will see her again on the show at some point," promised co-executive producer Jeph Loeb. But invisible man Claude? That's trickier.

"We wanted Christopher back this season because he's so integrated into the mythology of our show, not only because he was Peter's mentor but also because of his connection to HRG," said Kring. "But it probably won't work because of his schedule — he's too in demand."

Why didn't Isaac warn HRG about the painting that predicted his death?
"Isaac was in a drug-addled fugue state when he created his paintings," Kring said. "There could also be a moral dilemma in telling someone they're going to die. If you had the ability to know the circumstances of your death, would you want that information?"

Loeb tosses us another option: "If you go back and look at Isaac's last day, there is an implication that he painted a lot more that day. This is a device we may return to. There may be even more Isaac paintings out there."

What the hell is Niki's power, anyway?
"We thought this was very clear on the air," Loeb said. "Niki's power is the same as her alternate personality Jessica's: unbelievable strength. They're the same person. Niki discovered her special ability through her split personality, but it was always her ability."

It's kind of weird that two single straight guys, Mohinder and Matt, are in charge of little Molly. Is this arrangement legal?
"In reality, no one has talked about adoption or legal custody," said Loeb. "The opportunity to do our version of My Two Dads was too delightful to deal with details."

Jack Coleman also weighed in here, noting that this isn't the first no-hassle kiddie custody on Heroes.

"There's nothing official about HRG's adoption of Claire," he said. "Kaito [George Takei] simply handed her to me on a roof. We're not really concerned much with legalities on Heroes, you know. We take liberties with reality. Here's another spoiler: People can't fly."

Why so many new characters this season?
"Heroes is like a shark — it's got to keep moving," Kring said. "If this world becomes too insular — if it's only about the ­characters we've gotten used to — then we lose the sense of wonderment that this phenomenon is happening in many places."

Loeb reminds us that several of the old favorites — Peter, Claire, Niki, Micah, Matt, Sylar — in essence started over this season "and that required new locales and new characters for them to interact with. And the new powers are fun for the audience to watch.

Those who are crabbing about too many newbies "should be patient," Loeb said. "They haven't gotten to the Dec. 3 episode, when we do our big housecleaning!"

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how is doyle the puppet guy alive in season 4. didnt sylar kill him and took his powers. but we later see doyle with the carnival people.


I Was Just Wondering Where "Heroes" Is Set Because I Am A BIG Fan Of The Show And I Was Also Wondering If You Have Any Auditions Left. Daviid =]


I cant understand why Adam died when Mr. Petreli took away his heeling ability, but didnt died previous times when sun goes black and everybody looses their powers? I meen he was old and without his power he must have died sooner... P.S. Sorry about gramma ;)


I cant understand why Adam died when Mr. Petreli took away his heeling ability, but didnt died previous times when sun goes black and everybody looses their powers? I meen he was old and without his power he must have died sooner... P.S. Sorry about gramma ;)


Asaf thats a good point ive thought about that as well maybe its cause he has to turn his powers on to do it and he didnt expect him to fly,but yh good point.


one question..
in episode 4 or 5 season 1.
Mr. bannet and the guy from Haity, are chasing Nathan and he flys away from them while the Haity guy has this power to unable powers of heroes near him.. how can it be???


While I thoroughly enjoyed "Heroes" the first season. I am not digging all of the psych outs from the first season finale and throughout the second season. There's something annoying and cheap about "killing" a character only to have that character pop back to life shortly thereafter. It was great party trick the first time but now it's just tired. I still enjoy the various converging plot lines and what each character brings to the story. I'm just afraid that "Heroes" is going to go the way of "Lost" and "Alias" and lose alot of it's audience with convoluted stories and shallow characters. Hopefully some of these things will be addressed when the show comes back. I really do love the show ans would like to see it get back to what it once was.


Kring has apparently been doing the rounds. Here's the link to an interview he gave to Entertainment Weekly: http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0...


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