Heroes Spoilers: The Future of Niki, Adam and Nathan

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Gimme That Virus...
Don't read any further if you haven't watched last night's episode yet. Major Heroes spoiler alert!

Kristin from E! Online has the following to report regarding the character/actors that appeared to have died during the finale of "Generations."

Ali Larter: According to Heroes insiders, Niki is not expected to return to the show. But her devilish alter ego Jessica? We'll see her as soon as the show comes back to the airwaves (when the strike is through). At least, that's the current plan, according to sources, who sayproducers had "done all they could do" with Niki.

David Anders: You can bet Hiro's sworn nemesis will return. Insiders say the current plan is for Adam Monroe to be back to torment our favorite squinty teleporter, i.e. the "carp."

Adrian Pasdar: The production and writing staff is somewhat split as to whether Nathan should return to the show when the show returns. Really, though?!? Heroes without the brothers would be like Prison Break or Brothers & Sisters without the brothers: i.e., a waste of time! Surely Claire's blood can save her own father, right?!

What do you think? Who should come back and who should remain deceased? Let us know right now on the

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I was about to say the same thing---Peter can heal, too.
His blood should work, for Nathan. My husband and I were debating Angela's phone remark,
"You've opened Pandora's Box." I said I thought it meant
that the Company has ticked off Peter and the others...
and now they will actively try to form their *own* group to
counter the Company and take it down. *He* said it might also mean that, if Nathan was seen on
tv as shot through the heart, but is up and running around
like normal a few days later, thanks to a "healer's blood"
transfusion... the Pandora's Box will be the public starting
to figure out about powers. As for Adam, he should rot in the ground. Even a healer needs
air, water, and food... leave him there. I'd like to see Nikki back. I think it'd be cool if she moved
to NYC to be Mohinder's body guard, and that'd let Micah and
Molly interact, too. And given the amount of traffic that
apartment gets, Mohinder NEEDS a body guard. Honestly,
I don't know which is more like Grand Central Station:
Mohinder and Matt's apartment, or Issac's loft. I'm hoping we get to see Elle rebel against her father;
I think he's the reason she's so messed up. I'm afraid
Peter's romance with Caitlin is doomed: even if he manages
to get into what is now an alternate future (rather than
the main future) and find her, likely she's infected and he
can't bring her back. Or, she's dead already. Sigh. I also want to know WHAT IS ANGELA'S POWER?!? It's driving
me batty. And as for the Company, only she and Bob are left (not
counting Adam). So... IS there still a Company? Bob would
say "yes"---but if Bob goes, the Company will fold. And Bob
needs to go. If they manage to bring down the Company, I think the next
challenge needs to be the public finding out about powers.
I can see why they've avoided it, because it's rather X-men.
However, I could see Matt and some others volunteering to
start, and train, a special arm of law enforcement designed
to handle Talented crime. And instead of researching viruses, the Company *ought* to
be researching how to manufacture an artificial version of
Claire's and Adam's blood. (And Peter's.) There's enormous
potential with it, and it would take Claire and Noah off the
hook. I'm surprised that Bob wasn't doing it already, since
he seems to want to run the company forever---with healing
factor blood, he just might.


surely you dont need claire blood to heal nathan
peters should work right?


i cant understand why do u make such rubbish serials.............whn u dont know abt genetics and its fundamentals thn y r u playing with it...ur story is so confusing...it sucks


Both nathan and niki are important characters, they didn't give much room for niki's characters devolopment and there's so much more potential for her and so much more to her story, there's so much you can do with her character as there's endless possibilities, she hadn't even discovered the full extent of her power unlike the other heroes and Nathan is the leader of of them all


Please don't let Nathan die! I'm indifferent to the others!


I Alson agree with Alok! He's the only one Peter will lission
to and he's a natural born leader.He's the only one who can get
Peter out of Truble


I agree with Alok! Nikki cannot die. She is still a mystery
and my favorite character. It seems like such a waste for her
to die now. In the fire she almost looked like she was getting
some of her strength back.
Keep her on!!


She went throught the whole first season to get he son back and then when she does,
she's dying of a virus. Then instead of curing her, you blow her up!
Please bring her back!!!


If you can pass this suggestion to Tim Kring, here's my take
for Nathan: remake him in role of Professor Charles Xavier of X-Men. he can lead that diverse group of Heroes - let's watch him
do that - he's the most confident leader of all - he keeps
his brother going, etc. That would be totally cool to watch
and also he can lead them to go public like X-Men mutants then
we can see how Earth reats them later on. Core message of this show: ordinary people with extraordinary
powers and we watch them struggle with what they can do
with their abilities.

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