Megan Hauserman to Appear on Rock of Love 2

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Megan Hauserman is really doing anything to stay in the news.

The winner of Season 3 of Beauty and the Geek has already posed nude for Playboy. Now? She's hoping to see Bret Michaels in the buff... for life!

In her reality TV career so far, Hauserman was partnered with Alan Zackheim on Beauty and the Geek, as the two were awarded the cash prize on the show for changing the most.

She also has enjoyed a relatively successful modeling career, having posed for Playboy and been named Playboy Cybergirl of the week in February of 2006.

But it hasn't been enough.

Hauserman will appear as a contestant on Rock of Love 2, hoping to earn the affection of the former Poison frontman. But for what possible reason? In her casting video, Megan says she was compelled to join the show as fulfillment of a lifelong dream.

"I think that I was born to be a rock star girlfriend," she said. "I can't even help it. It's like a calling, like, nurses… I mean nuns… they feel a calling, they have to go to the convent. That's me! I feel it! It's calling me. It's meant to be. I can't even help it.

It really is exactly like being a nun.

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Unless you've actually met someone, how are you going to know if the are "trash" or "a bitch."
For f*cks sake, you all are just low lifes bagging on someone better then you. Obviously, if she has made it on to this many shows, (shes now been on what, like 4?), your clearly seeing something in her that the rest of the world isn't. Just get a life will you>


ridicula! essa garota se acha,alem de ser burra,não quer aprender nada,não quer nada com a vida!burrinha e vadia...


megan you have a nice body that true but yeur face like a monkey


megan you en bich




rock of love charm school is nothing with out megan and brandy together when megan left i knew it wasn't going to be good any more but i hope brandy.m gets beeting up:)


Megan lies and manipulates, its funny to read some of the comments above saying she's honest. I admit she plays the reality tv game well but its only a matter of time before everyone see's her true colors. Beauty is skin deep.


She has a nice body, but her face and personality are ugly. I hope this retarded bitch knows that she will be fat and alone one day because of her own doing. What a butterface..


I love Megan. Her body is assume. I can not even hate. I think she knows how to play the game and gets what she wants and there is nothing wrong with that. I think she is actually pretty smart. I would love to see her with her own reality show.


The truth is folks - Megan is as crazy as they come. This is the bitch that robbed my cousin for no reason other than jealousy; she is a disgusting person and from what I hear, was very troubled growing up which could explain why she is the way she is today, but I STILL HATE HER and keep in mind Megan, what goes around comes around, and you WILL get yours you scandalous dirty bitch