Megan Hauserman to Appear on Rock of Love 2

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Megan Hauserman is really doing anything to stay in the news.

The winner of Season 3 of Beauty and the Geek has already posed nude for Playboy. Now? She's hoping to see Bret Michaels in the buff... for life!

In her reality TV career so far, Hauserman was partnered with Alan Zackheim on Beauty and the Geek, as the two were awarded the cash prize on the show for changing the most.

She also has enjoyed a relatively successful modeling career, having posed for Playboy and been named Playboy Cybergirl of the week in February of 2006.

But it hasn't been enough.

Hauserman will appear as a contestant on Rock of Love 2, hoping to earn the affection of the former Poison frontman. But for what possible reason? In her casting video, Megan says she was compelled to join the show as fulfillment of a lifelong dream.

"I think that I was born to be a rock star girlfriend," she said. "I can't even help it. It's like a calling, like, nurses… I mean nuns… they feel a calling, they have to go to the convent. That's me! I feel it! It's calling me. It's meant to be. I can't even help it.

It really is exactly like being a nun.

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I actually do know someone that knows Megan for real, and they say the same exact things about her. She really does have the ugliest personality ever.


She has a beautiful body but the ugliest face and personality. She is so phony. She is so ditzy. I just dislike her.


I LOVE MEGAN!!!! I think she's misunderstood because she's honest. For example: on the new show "I Love Money" she said that Pumkin's boobs were saggy. That could be considered a dick move, but I respect her for her honest! Plus, she's hilarious!!


I think what Megan did to Peyton was rude, Peyton should of done the same thing to Megan when it came to taking her little love note, and see how she liked it, even though Peyton did talk to Bret in private, either way, I'm glad that Bret found out the truth about Megan from her ex-boyfriend, and from Amber.


Vixen.......oh my !!!! That was hilarious! You hit it right on the head. I agree, I bet Megan's parents must be ashamed of her. Maybe she should get a job at home stuffing envelopes......wait that might be a challenge too, maybe scrubbing toliets is a good match.


What is up with this idiot? Did she wake up learning how to walk with her hands on her hips, That's all she does, not to mention, pout, whine, talk through her nose. She could be pretty, but wired with old extensions and moles and just her hateful insecure attitude. Did she think if she stood there long enough Bret was going to say.......ahhhhhh baby I'm sorry just stay. Just get it Dingbat.......nobody thinks your all that and bag of chips and did I mention the above picutre looks like your wearing platex gloves. Did you just get down scrubbing the toliet Stop putting down older women,,,,,,,,guess what bright light Your going to be there quicker then you look like crap now so I imagine you will be in an old trailer park with broken off weave and feeding 90 cats that hang around your house. It's Karma baby. Wait til you start wearing depends. Who is going to care enough to wipe your butt?


I was shocked that it took so long for the "Beauty and the Geek" secret to come out.
Megan does have a nice body, but a "butter face" (but her face. She on both shows has abosolutely no personality, couth or ambition to be more than an empty shell of a person.
Jealous - No. I feel badly for her. She seems like a misguided, uneducated, shallow person who believes that looks are all you need to get what you want. She is a sad, sorry excuse for a woman.


She is reallly really ugly....nothing is pretty about her....ewwwww..i agree about the freckle blothces....HEF WHAT WERE U THINKIN....and her body is nasty , boobs shes soooooo gross, and im not hatin, it is what it is..


I think Megan is sooooo perfect for ROL 2. She calls it like she sees it and I think that's what the show needs. She lets you in on her "little secrets" about her competition. And, 99.9% of the time I agree with her. For God's sake, it's a competition, television, RATINGS. The show needs someone like that. Just imagine how dull the final four: Ambre (OLD) Destiny (DULL) Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (can't recall her name off hand) and (YIKES) Daisy. And then there's (SKANK) Heather... Can you say ROCK OF LOVE THREE??!!


Uhhhh, she is not even that pretty. Her body is fabulous but her face always has this dumb, confused look on it. If she even had an ounce of personality it would help but the poor girl has nothing to go on but her body. Good luck Megan!