Penn Badgley, Blake Lively Dating in Real Life?

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There must be a lot of mistletoe on the set of Gossip Girl. The New York Daily News is reporting that the stars who portray lovebirds Dan Humphrey and Serena van der Woodsen may be love struck in real life as well!

The Daily News reports that the adorable Blake Lively and Penn Badgley — whose uptown / downtown relationship keeps the hit show sizzling — have quietly started dating in real life. Please, Daily News, don't jinx it!

Regardless, these two know each other well. Blake has known Penn Badgley since the age of 11, as stated during an interview with Tyra Banks.

Love is in the Air

A real-life romance for Penn Badgley (Dan) and Blake Lively (Serena)?

"No one is really supposed to know that," laughs a Gossip Girl insider (not to be confused with this website). "I was told by a friend of the family."

Their new relationship has meant Blake Lively, 20, having to disentangle herself from her former boyfriend and Burbank (Calif.) High School classmate, actor and model Kelly Blatz.

Lively and Penn Badgley, 21, were spotted shopping together December 17 at ABC Carpet and Home on Broadway, looking every bit the couple.

Are they really dating? Or just the subject of celebrity gossip like Chace Crawford and Leighton Meester? Guess we'll have to stay tuned!

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Can anyone find out who is the mysterious DayAn Stefanoski??? There are some gossips out there.


ı am from turkey.very beatiful gossip girl.BLAKE LİVELY AND PEEN BADGLEY veryto be suitable




and one more thing xoxo gossip girl my favorite show do you blake lively and penn ever have sex on the show


and did i mention you guys are dating and you better not break up ok


i love you blake lin=vely and penn you guys are the best and amazing


i wish they date i would be sooo damn happy and its soo kwl than


wow.... i it dont no if there dateing or not i hope they are i love them both i would never miss this show for any reason at al!!! i hope it goes on for a long time :D i love like every one in the show! especialy serina and blar and nate and dan and chuck you guys make the show toattle (AWSUME) "loves" you all!!!!


well i dnt no if thr datin or nt in real life but i sure hope they are cos the both suite really bad :P i love them both 2 peices and i thnk tht dan is well FIT :D x x x ly both lots


there not dating! really disapointing but.. i love them 2 death.
blake said soo on her myspace but theres a link


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