Report: Tiffany Pollard is Pregnant

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According to, someone has loved New York without a condom on.

The website is reporting that a trusted source at VH-1 says Tiffany Pollard got pregnant during the filming of I Love New York.

An insider at the show said: "The show tests everyone, the guys and New York, for diseases, pregnancy, everything before and after the show - for insurance and legal purposes... New York was tested a few weeks before the show and she was not pregnant. When she was tested during her exit interview - the test showed that she was."

New York

Wait, there's more!

According to the show insider, Pollard had sex with more than one of the show's contestants. It's shocking, we know. The insider told "I don't want to give anything [in upcoming shows] away, but New York was intimate with more than one man."

We can see it now. Next season, VH-1 presents: Who Knocked Up New York?

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im the hbic


I think if New York is pregnant she needs to find the father because it could possible be anybody. They said they tested her a couple weeks before the show it could have between that time. Chance, Buddha, Punk, Tailor made all of them that slept with her need to take custody when they find out who it is


Wow. You guys are so sad. I'm an 18 year old, white, high school student. I came to this site to read about Tiffany Pollard, also known as New York. But instead, I read racial comments and curse words every single line. I am not racist, nor will I ever be. I think it it completely ridiculous that people come on here calling eachother "the n word" and other people calling eachother "white trash". If you both want to be treated equally, heres a thought;
treat eachother....equally! My gosh. Anyway, New York said on the reunion that she is not pregnant. And I believe her. She's rich enough, and smart enough, to use some form of birth control. Also I was curious if anyone heard the rumor of her being a hired actress, along with her mother? Apparently her REAL name is Kenya Simmons? And her mom is Leslie Bibbs or something? Any thoughts?


yo u guys are trippin leave tiffany aka new york alone..ya'll are nothin but a bunch of haters.


This show was funny in it's own way,but this bitch and her mother are so ghetto...she is not even pretty...she don't need to know who the father is that dum ass kissing white guy will take her in and take care of her he is a real jackass.FYI i am white.


Hey you guys, Things are gettin pretty heated here, so if your not going to talk about New York, lets talk about Lesbo's. I'm curious right now, any of you ladies want to help me out. :>


Amixedqueen ever heard of affirmative action? Your the type of ignorant freeloading bitch that makes me hate that 1/2 white side of you too. It disgusts me that we actually come from the same gene pool. Stop making excuses for why you are lazy, and go get a job. Contribute to your country rather than leach off of it.


Um as a matter of fact dont say shit back because i done with this i just had to tell you that lil bit and dimb should be dumb that was a typeo yeah im gone chat with your dam self k!!!!!!


I suspect a couple of third graders are behind the role of Tim, cause his comments above are way wack! and if not, its a damn shame what a lonely ass nobody will say just to get a little attention out of someone.


I happened to see a couple episodes of this show this past weekend. Is it me or does New York love drama? This girls mood changes so fast to try to dominate whatever man she is with and get ratings, it utterly disgusts me. She will fly off in the opposite direction of her "Date" to just start a fight. Example Buddha. You can see anything that she is unsure of she takes a "breath of fresh air". To go and talk to the director or writers more like it for guidance.
Her mother is there to start fights and push peoples buttons. NY dont care about these guys, who here cant say that if their mother treated their love interest the way her mom did, they wouldnt step up against their own mother? Throwing drinks, slapping people, cussing, what a joke.
Now people talk about how intelligent she is on here. I for one do not find anyone intelligent who goes on television to look for love, its more like looking for fame. If she slept with more than one of the contestants who cares, it doesnt make her any different than any other celebrity, hell Madonna made a career out of doing it. Any person who watches this show has to realize one thing, the show is cast. Cast means ACTORS. It is for entertainment only, race is not an issue and should never be. Skin tone means nothing, if someone is lazy and dont want to work, who cares, the welfare system is there for all, it is set up for all to use, and trust me one day with this economy the way it is, dont be surprised that u wont count on it. This show is here for nothing more than to make money, all celebrity reality shows are, example, shot at love and rock of love. In the end they end up with one thing, no love, just a sequel to the show and the most outrageous contestant get their own show in the future. Who was the most outrageous contestant on flavs show? New york, who on tila tequila's? Domenico. It will just keep spiraling until the public gets tired of it. People get a grip on what really matters