Report: Tiffany Pollard is Pregnant

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According to, someone has loved New York without a condom on.

The website is reporting that a trusted source at VH-1 says Tiffany Pollard got pregnant during the filming of I Love New York.

An insider at the show said: "The show tests everyone, the guys and New York, for diseases, pregnancy, everything before and after the show - for insurance and legal purposes... New York was tested a few weeks before the show and she was not pregnant. When she was tested during her exit interview - the test showed that she was."

New York

Wait, there's more!

According to the show insider, Pollard had sex with more than one of the show's contestants. It's shocking, we know. The insider told "I don't want to give anything [in upcoming shows] away, but New York was intimate with more than one man."

We can see it now. Next season, VH-1 presents: Who Knocked Up New York?

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i doubt shes pregnet but if she is, think about the 2nd to last episode when tailor made had his date with her, he tossed her on the bed then they were under covers..and thats wen the MAID WALKed in and told her that her mother was down stairs, nd in the interview portion of that scene, NEW YORK said that the MAID "ruined her sex" if she is most likly he is tha father..nd buddha had sex with her after tailor made did....*nd guys try tu get along, i mean 4reel 4reel, it shudnt matter the way sum 1 talks or writes, its about the character in tha person* if your a good guy (no matter race) then ppl will generally like you...if your an asshole den ppl will dislike you...its that simple....oo yea n EVERY RACE GETS ON WELFARE, not jus black or spanish..its white, asian, anyone that needs extra assistance.....nd yea NEW YORK you rock hard!!! do you...nd you should thank da ppl dat talk so much shit, cuz in the end there makein ya rateings nd spreadin your name and makin you $$$$ giv em sumthin else tu talk about, and add to your payroll..


i think tailormade could be the only guy who would make her preggers since she picked him but buddha n her fought all the time.


I think she had sex with Bhudda & the Entertainer


will she have a test done to know the name of the day i hope its talermad. if so are they going to keep the child and let us see the baby grow up


Rick, thank you! How about everyone just turn off the tv and good read a book because this should/is an embarrassment to me as a woman and as an African American. Can please stop with the n****s, b*****s, and h**s this is degrading to us as a people and that's why we aren't respected.


no im not a hoe, im 17 years old and been with one guy that i was in a relationship with for almost a year. Like I said Im not a judgemental person and theres no reason to sit here and talk shit about someone i dont even know, sorry im not like that, i hate being attacked for being a nice person.
And I dont think new york would ever have my back if it came down to it, but just because someone else is like that doesnt mean i should.
Queen B, do you have respect for me now that i changed my name to Ashley Whore?? even though im not at all. but i did it for you :)


I think newyork is pregnant by taylor made because on the finale of the show when newyork had dinner with him he had picked her up and got in the bed and had sex so thats a possible thats she is pregnant by taylor made.She is not pregnant by buddha she didn't have sex with buddha at all but with taylor made thats all.And if she have a baby then her,the baby,and taylor made will be a family and also she will be a mother and she said that shes not ready to be a mother yet at all but shes pregnant so she better be ready.Thats all I have to say and thats the whole truth.


so what if she is going to have a baby. at least she is not 16 yrs old and suppose to be goody two shoes. new york you go girl.


lol...that girl is is trashy...jus doin her dirty on t.v....


Why are you getting so defensive Ashley Bitch?? Do you think "New York" would have your back if it came down to it?? I agree with you QueenB.