Report: Tiffany Pollard is Pregnant

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According to, someone has loved New York without a condom on.

The website is reporting that a trusted source at VH-1 says Tiffany Pollard got pregnant during the filming of I Love New York.

An insider at the show said: "The show tests everyone, the guys and New York, for diseases, pregnancy, everything before and after the show - for insurance and legal purposes... New York was tested a few weeks before the show and she was not pregnant. When she was tested during her exit interview - the test showed that she was."

New York

Wait, there's more!

According to the show insider, Pollard had sex with more than one of the show's contestants. It's shocking, we know. The insider told "I don't want to give anything [in upcoming shows] away, but New York was intimate with more than one man."

We can see it now. Next season, VH-1 presents: Who Knocked Up New York?

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new york is a whore. She had 2 go & ruin a great city name. F-her!


That my gurl but she is not a hoe she
just like sex you diggggyy.bbbiitttccchhh


I have a question...Why do you guys hate each other...I thought the racism had ended a long time ago, but apperently it hasn't. You guys have to stop this because it's us that are going to end this world. We didn't have a choice of color when we were born. But, we do have the choise of respect and acceptence. Just as I am Hispanic and "VERY PROUD" you should be too of your race. People of different races have done something amazing or made a great impact in this world. I think you should too, in helping others better themselves. (I'm talkin in general) We should help our brothers and sisters out in any way and don't hate just because one is richer or poorer, whiter or darker, skinny or fat, ugly or pretty! We are all equal in Gods eyes and we should all look at it that way too!!! We hurt each other if instead we can help each other better human beings! And about the welfare thing, every one benefits from that! It's our fault that the world is like it is! Instead of wining about everything, you can start making the change in this world. If not, we are the ones who are going to end up destroying the world and ourselves...Just a messege to everyone: "STOP THE HATRED, IT'S NOT GOING TO TAKE YOU ANYWHERE GOOD, IT WILL JUST MAKE YOU A BITTER PERSON!"


If the rumors are true..... Good Luck to my girl NY and Congrats!!


Last I checked this blog wasn't about race or reading/writing. It's about our girl New York. Get over yourselves. Now here's my dirt: I'm friends with Midget Mack. Yes I said Midget Mack! Ya'll remember his little goofy ass. He came home heartbroken, but dishin' lots of details. No, she didn't sleep with every guy there. But she did sleep with the three finalists. Buddah must've put it on her! I guess Punk was a let down though, that's why she sent his ass home. But a little dick never stopped a dude from getting a girl pregnant. No matter who it was, ya'll know damn well she's not gonna keep that baby. She's too worried about her career right now to take on motherhood. And remember New York ALWAYS puts New York first.


I can see it now ..... Buddah you are not the father ! That would be a spin New York on the Maury Show getting a DNA test LMAO


Tim, you apparently don't know the true meaning of a nigga. A low down dirty person. I perceive you to be one of those people simply because YOU ARE so before you start calling someone a nigga read up on it first. We are called Negro's (which we are truly proud of )DUMB ASS a whole new vocabulary for you I am sure. Oh, you can't blow what's not there PEE WEE.


The last will be first and the first will be last. Tiffany, you are where most people want to be just don't have the balls to get there. It doesn't matter who you did or didn't sleep with because those out there hating on you have probably slept with multi-multiple partners than yourself. You did and are doing your thing so keep it up girl and keep the men, whether black or white lusting after you because you are an African Queen like myself. Oh by the waay if you have a girl name her AFRIKA......smiles.


I'm not sure if this rumor is true or not because I've heard there is going to be casting calls starting next summer for I love New York Season 3.


Normal people don't like to read long ass paragraphs. Just keep it short and simple. So who's her baby daddy? I really think it's TAILOR MADE.