Tailor Made Defends Villainous Reputation

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George Weisgerber
Now that Tailor Made (real name: George Weisgerber) has won over the heart of Tiffany Pollard, he can freely talk about his experience on I Love New York.

He recently told VH1's Celebreality Blog:

"I never really worried about the viewers or the audience or their perception. I think that's the key difference between me and the other guys…They were all worried like, ‘Oh man, how's this gonna look when people see you?' I think even Punk said, ‘What are people gonna say when they see you spit in his face?' I'm not thinking about what other people think, I'm worried about what Tiffany thinks."

Adding that Pollard is a "very genuine person and you can really see that," Tailor Made went on to defend his reputation as a snitch:

"I don't like the word 'snitching,' but I was bringing to her attention the other guys' faults or just doing whatever it took to be with her. And I feel like if you want to be with a woman, that's how you have to be. You have to really show her yourself."

It obviously worked. He and New York say they've been living together since the show wrapped... even though that violated the terms of their contract with VH1.

"Love is not about following rules. There shouldn't be limitations on love," Tailor Made profoundly said.

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She should have picked Punk instead of that fag tailor made


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Mr. Tailor Made great job, I'm glad you won, it shows nice guys can finish first...I think New York had it wrong,"Buddha should have been the Punk and Punk should have been Buddha as for the names.. Great job, you give everyones of us guys that are nice a chance... Good Luck to you and Tiffany.......... I hope she is good for your Daughter,.
Sheri is wright in the above message.


I love you tailor made! You put up with a lot of BS from the guys. I wasn't too sure that you were going to last. You were the underdog that I wanted to win! I wish you guys luck!